I am finally going to kickstart handxmade! 

After lots of thinking and planning and more thinking, I finally decided to just do it and start handxmade. It'll be a big step I'd have to take, and honestly I am quite scared- scared of how maybe I'll will fail terribly, what people will say, and whether will I have enough time to sustain this. 

But I guess if you don't do anything, nothing is ever going to change. And handxmade will be one of the changes in my life that will be really significant to me. 

There's a lot of things I thought about, and I discussed it a lot with my partner who is also a big supporter and my counsellor regarding handxmade. What do I want handxmade to become? Do I want to make a living out of this, or is this going to be a hobby where you could also make extra cash? What are your plans for it? Customised? Things you wanna make? Requests? There is just so many considerations, but I think I finally got to a conclusion thanks to him.

I really want to recreate something that is of importance to other people. It may be an instrument, their significant other, a certain food, a certain place, a certain landmark. I want to recreate what people deemed most important to them and it'll be something that will be able to cheer them up when they're down, and feel appreciative about some things when everything goes wrong. Because things you like does that to you. But I am still unsatisfied with my lack of skills and my untrained hands.

Hence, what it's going to be like for handxmade is that every month I'll create a theme of some sort. It may be food, geeky things, chibis, so that I can hone my skills and to be able to make anything and everything. And I will also then open up an x number of custom orders for that month. I think that'd be the perfect way to go at least for now for me, and it may stay the same, or it may change down the road, but this is what I will go about doing it for now. 

I made these Baymax (black one for my partner because we thought it'll be fun) and I decided to make a couple to give it away.

What I'm going to do is to port my friends from my own instagram over to the new handxmade instagram I made by telling everyone there that I will be giving some of these out for free- just by following @handxmade, and also doing a survey after they receive it. I will make the best out of this and listen to their views on the new key loop I am going to use for the items in handxmade. (I really hate key rings because those always ALWAYS opens by themselves and the item drops out ugh, so I really want to have a solution to prevent that) and also a couple of questions- like whether was it what they expected etc etc. 

One of the reason why I'll be giving them for free because I want to see how long they last before something happens. I am still a noooOooooOoOob at this, and their arms might drop off, the string might still come out anyway, etc. Hence, if they're free, I won't feel so bad if something bad happens and at the same time I can learn from it. :D So they're essentially just my test subjects hahaha. 

I will be posting the pic above with the requirements up on @handxmade soon and I do hope the reaction is good.. 

I'll have to wait for my glazes to come in before I can conclude who will be the lucky (or not so lucky) ones :( It's going to take awhile since it's coming from overseas. I'm hoping they'll come soon! Meanwhile, I shall not be lazy and make sure I get the message out by tonight hehhhh.