Time really do fly when you're working. 

Recently just moved out of home and rented a room (with some support from my bf). Trying to be independent, paying my own phone bills etc. It really is quite a struggle. 

I've been neglecting claying for quite a bit trying to balance work, life and craft. Especially when you're having trouble with a certain project not being up to your own standards, and then you're kind of just stuck in the same place, mostly scared of doing it even though you know you'll get it SOMEHOW as long as you try. 

But obviously I'm not gonna give up on clay just because of this one project that I can't seem to create up to my standard and kept failing. 
BECAUSE I KEPT INVESTING ON STUFF RELATED TO CLAY LOL. Honestly I swear I spend on something related to claying every month... T.T

I've been wanting to get something like this for quite some time. I don't know whether is it because I live in Singapore (again), these are hard to come by, and they're quite expensive online too.......

I bought it from here: and they have deals every now and then. If you're in Singapore and looking for one of these, this link is the best shot you have.... 

Even though the deals are REALLY CHEAP, but I don't know why by the end when you're paying it starts added a lot of shit (Black colour +$15+? Really??? When it's the ONLY colour??) It's quite a 'scam' in my opinion as they kind of cheat your feeling telling you it's really cheap and then they add all these 'add-ons' that doesn't make any sense, but I went to Ikea, Big Box, Muji, even Fairprice etc and all of them doesn't have it. At least not the type I want, like the picture above. 

Now the reason why I wanted it was to put my clay, and according to colours if possible. 
The table on top is where I work on my clay, and it's quite a mess... Even though my clay is conveniently on the top, the box that I put my clay in takes up quite a space and it becomes quite cramped. 

It also just pissed me off that the clays are all around and it's quite a hassle to find a colour I want. 

I was pleasantly surprised when the clay FITS PERFECTLY in the smaller drawers, where they were intended to be at. And I could put about one and half more inside? It was really perfect. 

I deliberately bought one with the bigger compartments so I can put other claying tools like these kemper shape cutters. My collections of tools to help with clay making will definitely increase... (T.T) So I thought it would be nice to have a few more compartments for everything. I love compartments. 

The drawer storage box (apparently what it's called) is currently on the floor against the wall on my left side when I'm claying, so it's really convenient and I have more space on my table hehe.