Everyone knows Daiso has almost everything. Including art supplies. 

My friend and I was just browsing around, looking for other things except for these craft kits below. 



I have no regrets though. It's the first time I attempted this kind of thing and I am quite surprised that it wasn't as tough as I expected it to be. 

I chose this book as my first attempt. It was also the one that caught my eye and made me spend money. (Yes yes, blame it all on them)



I had so much fun though!!!!

I was pretty surprised that they have english instructions. They also have COLOURED diagrams, which actually helped when I didn't understand what the hell they were saying, and were easy to understand. It was really tiny though and my face was probably 8.64cm away every time I need to read it but why am I even complaining it's frigging S$2.

This was what they provided, and they also gave a short description of what YOU should prepare. EVERYTHING required can be found in daiso if you don't have them, so it's quite assuring that you can get everything in one place, it's always better to get everything in one place than running all over the town...

I initially thought that I'll have to measure every single piece and then cut them out cause that'd be tedious and I was feeling quite lazy (like every single day) BUT NOOOOOO they have a portion of the instruction booklet which has this template! It's the exact same size that will be required and I literally "hallelujah"-ed.


Of course, I could have measured and then drawn on the leather which I was actually tempted to do so I could make sure the instruction booklet was in one piece BUT NAH. I CUT THEM ALL OUT. 

Besides I can keep them anyway and it doesn't affect the actual instruction. It was easier to cut them this way, DON'T HAVE TO USE ANY BRAIN JUICE HAHAHAHAHA. (aiyo bad example tsk)

The next step was to make holes based on the template. Apparently a "Diamond chisel (awl)" was required to make the holes and somehow I have something similar to it.. I initially bought it from Daiso as a clay tool BUT I'VE NEVER USED IT ON CLAY LOL. At least not yet. But it was finally put into good use. 

I didn't have a mallet but I figured something with a little bit of weight should do the job, so thank you martha stewart satin acrylic paint.

I had fun banging an acrylic paint to this chisel to make holes. The sensation is great and it felt like relieve. I think it'll make a really good anger management project. You can totally imagine poking holes to whoever who pissed you off. Isn't that great.

The holes made wasn't really big but my needles could go through it anyway so that's good. They said to prepare leather needles which I'm sure Daiso will have too, but I only had tapestry and sewing needles. It was quite tough to sew using those, but if you don't want to buy leather needles just for this, you can use pliers and kind of tug the needle off the leather WHICH HELPED A LOT.

The instruction booklet also say I should have a cutting mat (which I miraculously have too, AND also from Daiso lol) it was obvious why. Unless you're not going to use your table anymore you should have something protecting it like a cutting mat. 

By the time I got here, I was quite overwhelmed but it's actually really simple, albiet all the strings flying all around. 

You can see the holes at the bottom left of the mat that I unintentionally made with the chisel hahaha

I feel that other than the fact that it's leather (though artificial) and it gives an antique feeling which I like, it's also malleable. Unlike clay which will be hardened to the positioned you baked at. 

You can totally use it and make it a mini scrape book and give it to someone you love as a gift. Isn't that a neat idea!?

I wasn't as satisfied with my miniature leather book though. But I still enjoyed making it. I took approximately 2 hours or a little bit more than that to finish it, and since I had time, I proceed to the next one almost immediately. 

Bulldoze through.

The next challenge was this bag!! I don't usually like yellow colour on anything but this actually makes me feel happy.

I absolutely adore the templates hahahaa. I also like how they match the colour of the bag in the instruction booklet to the 'real' ones. They didn't have to, but they did. 

Gotta appreciate the little things. LOL.

This bag was definitely much more tedious but also more satisfying than the leather book. THE NUMBER OF STITCHES THOUGH. And my needle wasn't the correct one either so it was really tough hahaha. BUT I MADE IT.

Ahhhhhhh it's so adorableeeeeeeeee~

The stitches isn't perfect and you can see the creases etc. BUT IT ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It's going to be for a friend and I'm going to stuff something inside the bag. ISN'T IT GREAT YOU CAN STUFF THINGS INSIDE HAHAHA TOO CUTE. 

So in conclusion, this is really something anyone who is interested at all should try. It's only $2, it's fun and quick, and the satisfaction is real. 
It's my first time trying it and I can do it. YOU CAN TOO. JUST DO IT. 

Anyway, that's it for now. I haven't been claying much because I recently just started my part time job (which somehow requires me to work full time, but I managed to make sure they allow some leeway and that I will be able to take half days off whenever I want after I'm done with what I'm needed to do everyday ^^) I moved out of my parent's house too and currently renting a room and all, trying to be independent, hence the more sustainable job.. 

But that's not really a good excuse to stop claying. I'm also currently having kind of a mental block regarding a custom order... More about that in the next post.