I was on Instagram when I saw @skinswarms selling DIY miniature kits. The first thing I did was to buy them (well no the first thing I did was actually showing to my bf and showed him which one I liked hahahaha) and it arrived about a month after I purchased it, which was normal for a preorder online. 

I bought two of the kit, Forest of Dream and Pink Flower Bedroom. 

When I saw the kit, I honestly was amazed. They actually included a pair of blades, UHU glue, tweezers, a ruler, a fabric glue, even though the person I bought it from told me I should prepare these myself. The manual even though in chinese, everything was really clear because of illustrations and everything was numbered and with reference. For less than 50 bucks I'd say it was really worth it! 

I actually intended to make Forest of Dream together with my bf (the bedroom was for myself hehe) and was glad that he was more than happy to do it, since he enjoy making such things. I'm really glad he does, especially since he's so anal retentive and I'm also a perfectionist to a certain extent, I really had fun making it with him!

On the first day of working with tiny ass pieces of many things, we went to chinese garden since both of our house wasn't available and it was quite a bad decision.. We received TONS of mosquito bites and there was no proper table so we made it on a bench, bending down quite a lot and trying to stick things that were smaller than an average fingernail. He managed to get revenge on three that bit us but we were like "20,000 more to go" lol. Also, the bench was tiny and things keep falling. Grrrrr. It's no joke trying to find tiny pieces on a dirty floor...

But anyway, enough complaining, that was a bad decision on our part and this was what we completed!


It doesn't look a lot but it took us about 3 hours to make these! I guess we could have been more efficient but we were mostly irritated about the mosquitoes and the overall mood just became worse as time goes by :(

Few days later, we decided to go to the library since it was a sunday and both of us were free! It's rare that he didn't have any gig or whatsoever lol and I'm really grateful hehe. 

We spent about 5 hours in a comfortable air-conditioned room with a proper table and we made really good progress!

DO YOU SEE HOW TINY THEY ARE?!?! I'm still amazed how we did it. You can clearly see how small they are just by comparing my fingers to the item itself. (Look at your own one and try to imagine)

Even after the house is completed, the size is still SMALLER THAN MY FACE. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Also, there was some circuit board included so being the man it was my bf's job to do it and it's so amazing because to activate the light, you just have to touch the switch lightly, as if it was a touch screen switch instead of a button kind which was what I actually expected. 

We stopped here since it was getting late but it was a really fulfilling day. It's a great hobby for couples isn't it HAHA. 

Next time we do it it'll probably be completed and I can't wait to see how it's like once it's done!  

UPDATE: Click HERE for Part 2!