So my brother-in-law got into SEA fnatic a few months back. He was apparently spotted by one of the big guys in the organisation for his one hit ko skill.

If you don't know what that is:

Basically he's probably few of the best out of South East Asia! Isn't that so coooool. I personally watched him play before and it's like he doesn't even have any reaction timing lol.


He requested a fnatic logo, which was pretty long due... (oops) It's not perfect, and compared to the real logo it's not well proportioned :( and for some reason, the black clay couldn't stay smooth... sigh. It's my first time making any logo related stuff though, but honestly I expected more from this. :(

The twine I made was different than usual, as I twisted it so that it's firmer. But I realised that it's ALMOST  the same thickness as the baymax twine which I thought was too thick........HOW SHOULD I DO THIS?!?! RAWR. 

So many problems, really. 




"It will only get better"