If you have no idea what this post is about, which is understandable since Part 1 was in DEC 2014 OMG, click here to find out moreeeeeeee.

Basically, WE FINALLY COMPLETED IT HAHAHA AFTER ALMOST A YEAR OH MY GOODNESS. So many things happened in between and now that thing's becoming more stable, we decided to finally complete it. 

We actually finished a lot of things in Part 1 and Part 2 was just making some trees and stuff for the outside of the house, and also putting it in the glass globe.


The trees were really fun to make hehe even though it's quite flat as we have limited tree leaves (hahaha). That was it! That was all we had to make after Part 1. 



AND THE RESULTS....................



It's so adorableeeeeeee. Can be held with one hand! My boyfriend couldn't believe that he actually did it (he did most things actually ahahahaaha especially the lights) 

The thing was, the circuit for the light was so shitty, that it could light up at the slightest touch/shake. Which means we didn't even need to find the touch part of the on/off switch to light it up. It was SO sensitive that we can just hit almost anywhere of the glass globe and it was react haha. Head here to see a short video of what I mean. 

So that was the closest thing I've done regarding miniatures. Once I've done more stuff I'll update this spaceeeeeee. Bye for now!