It was really an honour and honestly, I was so anxious that I never once went to check out how it went.. Even though I gained a lot of experience from it and am really grateful that I was given the opportunity, I didn't really expect it to sell. Even though I was prepared for the worst but I admit I still hoped it would be good. Who wouldn't, right? 

But before we get to all that emotional thoughts, let me keep a record of my failures here.


This was the VERY FIRST one that I made Version 1.0, and oh my god look at that hair, and that oversized matchstick. (it's a matchstick because there's a drawing of Charlie where he held a matchbox and light a matchstick up, and he gave me that as a sort of reference)

I was pretty annoyed at the shoes too hahaha, it looks so unnatural. 

But the hair was the one that turn me off and I told myself I can't use this at all, and I tried to see if there's a way to make it better. 

This is the same one, but with a better hairstyle. HAIR REALLY MAKES SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Before he look like a nerd with hair that was too thin and too neat, and now it looks more natural. 

I did not intend to use this even though the hair was much better because of the oversized flame. The tip of the flame was also broken cause it was literally against the face, and Charlie said people might mistaken it as a popsicle. LOL. 

Since it wasn't going to be used, me being really irritating, decided to make a pedestal out of cold porcelain clay (because I was lazy to bake lol) just to annoy Charlie HAHAA. 

I made a pedestal because of one of his song. If you don't know........ you do. ;)

The one on the right was Version 1.2, which was alright except for the fact that it got burnt in the oven and the legs were probably a bit too short in my opinion.

The one on the left, Version 1.3 where the leg's length was alright but somehow I couldn't get the hairstyle I want, probably because of the head shape which was also quite obvious. I wanted to shape the head a bit more, instead of it being round, but it caused this... Or maybe I just have to shaped it correctly.

Eventually I got it right, and consistent thanks to a 'template' that I made. The flame was also improved if you look at the photo that Charlie posted (right on top of this post), it's more balanced and will NOT be mistaken as a popsicle. 

For the guitar, I used the above as a reference. Thanks to Uncle G(oogle). Charlie owns a few guitar and this Fender Hot Rod 50s Telecaster- or just an electric guitar- is one of them.

This was version 1.0, and way too messy. The painting job was too inconsistent :(

Version 1.1 was much cleaner, as I took the advice from both my bf and Charlie that I probably shouldn't draw the lines. I still think the neck should have something so I added some dots... But nah........

Also, the shape of the guitar was a quite out of shape. I didn't realised until my bf told me HAHA. It's great to have someone who knows the instrument better than I do to give advice on the structure and similarities ^^

After looking at the structure carefully, I made a mold with silicon and it was GREAT. It's actually the first time I use a mold for anything, and actually made the mold myself (with silicon + corn starch lol). I'm really glad that the consistency issue was solved because of this mold phew.

This was Version 1.2 and the final one. I actually drew some lines to represent the strings on the fretboard (which can't be seen in the photo because it's so faint but in real life made the guitar looks 'fuller') 
It looks inconsistent because of the way the photo was taken and also it WAS a tad bit different for each of them, but that's the cost of it being handmade. :(



After the base knowledge was more or less set for this project, I then went to mass produce it as much as I can hahaha. 

The packaging was a different than what I usually do, and it's much more firm, I kinda like it, but I also like the current packaging I do which is more personal and warm. But I guess this is a good choice to have when I do smth like this. 

I bought the handmade stamp from an instagram shop @spazecrazestampx, all the stamp you see are from her except for the "THANK YOU for purchasing..." stamp as that was from @twinsoulartstudio who uses laser (or something like that) that's why it's so accurate. I do like the handmade feeling that @spazecrazestampx give (and it was also cheaper since she's in Singapore) I also requested for an address stamp so that it will be convenient for me when I do mailing. I DON'T HAVE TO WRITE MY ADDRESS REPEATEDLY ANYMORE WOOHOO. 

The watercoloured paper I stamped on is from @calliart_crafts and she's actually my course-mate from polytechnic. They are all so beautiful in real life and I thought it's nice that every card is different. Even though nobody probably really cares....but they are really pretty. 

I wonder how long I will be able to keep stamping and cutting individual cards though... 

That was all. It was a pretty rushed but meaningful project and I learnt more than I wish I would just from trying and trying. It really is the best way to learn. 

About the sale... I think it was pretty good, considering the fact that people who went for the concert's main priority would be the music, the physical copy, the merchandise that they can actually use like tote bags etc. If I'm not mistaken....the other half was also sold out, after the concert. 

I am really elated. (Even though I'm trying to keep my cool from the outside lol) It really means a lot to me. The number of times I told myself it might be better if I just give up handxmade because it just seem like an impossible dream....but it's things like this that makes me want to continue. 
There were a lot of nice words from people who followed Charlie on Instagram and facebook, and those are important to me, as I always think that people who know me are saying nice things BECAUSE they don't want me to be sad or whatsoever. I'm not trying to say that those aren't important, but the kind of encouragement each give is different, and I never really received such 'praises' from strangers. 

I really do hope I can continue handxmade while surviving. 

If you haven't listen to Charlie Lim's music, do go and try it out. It's not for everyone, but if you don't try, you'll never know. Stream it on spotify, on youtube. Or even download it on itunes:

Charlie says Thanks. 

(Sorry I just had to this actually freaked me out hahaha I hope it freaked you out too just because)