When I was still crocheting and knitting, my senior requested me to custom made him and his girlfriend for him. At that point of time, clay was just a thought, and I kept this request at the back of my head. 

One day, after I started claying a few items, I asked him whether does he still want me to work on the request. And he was delighted. I did not charge him as I KNEW it wouldn't be as good as I expected it to be and again, I don't want to sell something when it's not even up to my standard. (In the end he insist on paying at least the material fees though)

For this, I tried to follow the shirt she's wearing, the glittery, pink fade out to purple button shirt :) I'm quite satisfied with it hehe. If you look closely, I also tried to make the detail of the creepers. It's so small that it can't really be seen clearly BUT I ALSO MADE TINY SHOELACES HAHAHAHAHA. I actually had problem with the face and she looked creepy on my failed piece bwahaha. I think the hair was a little bit fail, not exactly accurate. I also think that the head is a little bit too round and big, so I'll adjust accordingly for my next chibi (if there's any)

I used the photo on top right as reference for the head and face, whereas the bottom for shirt, and bottom half. He also wear creepers hehe and he was very happy that I made his legs skinny hahaaha! The tear on the jeans was a another new one and it took me quite awhile to figure out how to do it. He has dreadlocks for his hair and I was worried I might screw that up. But his front is still pretty hairy. I didn't take photo of the back, but it has more dreads there hehe. 

For his shirt, I actually used the transfer image to clay thing and it also took me awhile to get the perfect one (quite inconsistent). 

The shirt he's wearing is actually his girlfriend, Sarah's illustrations!! She illustrates really beautiful images and made them on shirts, jackets, phone cases, tote bags and more. It's usually on black background, WHICH IS EASY TO MATCH WITH ANYTHING! Do visit her at or go to directly to purchase! I personally really love them and got one of them for my friend's birthday present. ^^


I think one of my greatest annoyance is the Satin glaze. It's kind of sticky, and I actually did some shading with pastels, but I think the glaze might have spread it all around -.- does that mean only the Satin glaze is doing it, or all glaze would???? :( But nonetheless, the stickiness is pissing me off. I read that you should not glaze anything that might absorb, and put a layer of gloss on top first, which was what I did for both of them. AND THEY BOTH TURN OUT GLOSSY INSTEAD OF SATIN, WHAT IS THIS?!?! >:( 

Need more test and trial.............