It's been awhile!

I've finally finished school (to a certain degree.....still have to help out for our graduation show), my assignments and all, DONE! 

So now I'm just working, and continuing my part time job. AND OF COURSE, CLAYING. 

Do you know Parasyte? 
It's a Science Fiction, Body Horror (according to Wiki) manga, and now also an ongoing anime. Here's the synopsis!

(Excerpt taken from

(Excerpt taken from

Pretty crazy huh? 

But it's really interesting! My partner was the one who introduced this manga to me and I loved it. I then shared this amazing story to my cousin, and after he saw the zero (with the badly done painting job), he requested for me to make for him a shinichi with migi!!

(Picture taken from google from my cousin, who probably got it from hahhaa)

(Picture taken from google from my cousin, who probably got it from hahhaa)

This is the picture he sent me as a reference! I was really excited because it's my 2nd time taking a custom order with clay ehehehehhehee. I'm glad he trusted me enough to ask me for it. Then again I won't be taking any money from him, and I've decided it would be a good chance for me to test out the durability of the items I made. 


This is what I've done! Honestly I'm really quite happy about it. It's the first time I'm making facial expression and also hair! (Zero was just a mask hahaha) I got the hang of it and it went pretty smoothly! Even the spectacles was a first. I love the earrrrrs hehe. 


The backview! I first made migi, and then attached it to the body after baking it. I'm not exactly satisfied with migi, especially the painting job (again) of the blades (the white part).

Here's a blurrier photo- but with a saturation of the colour similar to the actual shinichi. The streaks of the hair is more obvious in real life too. 

Overall I'm really happy with this product! It measures about 5cm in width and 6cm in height. I actually would prefer it if it's a little bit smaller but the proportions are just nice in this case. Yayyyy. I'm making some Baymax now, will update in the next post!