I ordered a miniature knitting kit quite a couple of weeks back. I didn't quite started on the knitting as I got really interested in clay miniatures after ordering the kit. I hope I'll start trying it out soon but I can see myself doing more clay than crocheting/knitting... 

Anyway, I used the crochet hook which was 0.6mm and made tiny ass heart (somehow I started calling it that so yeah....) I used the pattern that can be found easily on youtube and the only thing I changed was the crochet hook and 'yarn' which is just cotton threads. 


They are REALLY ADORABLE and it's the size of my fingertips!

I made these tiny ass hearts for my friend, Joanna's, birthday 'card' which was a cork board of messages I collected from our coursemates and our colleagues at work. She was really happy about the surprise party I planned since she wanted that since forever, I hope this 'card' made her day too.