It's been TOO LONG since I've done anything regarding clay/miniature.... :( That last time I updated this blog was THE END OF JUNE. THAT'S LIKE FOUR MONTHS. *facepalm*

I've been so busy with part time jobs. One of them is event based and the pay is not bad, and I recently quit the other one so I could focus on handxmade. This one is the "consistent" and "stable" job though, and I thought about it quite a lot before I made that decision.

I've had some customer requesting for orders but I've always rejected them (not like there's a lot in the first place..) because I'm afraid that I won't have any time to spare due to work, since I've got NO TIME AT ALL to work on my clay. I know, I know, it's all an excuse since if I really want to do something, I will find time to do it etc etc (I've lost count of how many times I reprimanded myself like that lol) But seriously, day time 9-5 (or 9-6 in my case) jobs really suck the life out of you.

Still, that's not a good enough excuse to NOT DO ANYTHING AT ALL

Hence I've decided to stop working for the more "stable" job. I can only reach this conclusion only thanks to my bf though, who is going to be my investor, and you don't know how grateful I am. Of course I'll still do the event based job and also two days maximum for the job I quit(since they haven't found someone else yet......so technically I'm not really quitting yet...but at least they understand my priorities), but those probably won't be enough to help me survive. Of course eventually I want to survive and earn via handxmade, but I'll have to start small, and my bf will be helping me get there (where ever that is) by being my investor. 

We're making sure that I won't take "advantage" of it and I made an excel sheet to keep track of what I'm doing every day, spendings and such so that I can see where I am and whether am I moving forward or not. 

I think this will really push me more since I have an expectation to meet. And basically NO MORE EXCUSES. 

Let me digress a bit now.

During this four months of being MIA, I actually got a BABY LOVEBIRD


Head here to see us 'unboxing' Buibui hahaha, he was soooooo small!! (And weak)

His name is Buibui (which means fatfat in Hokkien, a dialect. Hahaha.) By the way, we have no idea whether its a he or she because you can't know unless you send its blood to Australia or something to test lol don't touch that shit man. So we took matters into our own hand and just decided its sex ourselves HAHA. That was also one of the reason why I was so busy, since during the first month when we got Buibui we have to handfeed him formula and all. We were waking up early in the morning to feed him for his breakfast, and have to feed him for lunch and dinner too. We even took turns to bring him to work hahahaha. It really felt like we had a baby haha it was so dependent on us. 

Slowly we introduced bird food to him and started feeding him less formula, and now he can eat all on his own!

Look at his feathers now! And true to his name, he looks pretty fat especially when he fluff his feathers. Buibui is the first lovebird I've seen with such fluffy and soft feathers!! He feels just like a soft toy hehe. 

He was sleeping in between my bf and my arm. Yes, we let him sleep with us but after awhile he would crawl to the back of our pillow and rest there for the rest of the night. One of the reason why we wanted to handfeed him was so that he would be closer to humans and now he's really so loveable~ (except for the more than occasional bites lol we're working on that) Also, it would be easier to train him before he's 6 months old. Like how he'll fly to our shoulder now when we say "shoulder". We don't want to trim his wings since we think letting him fly would be good for him, that's why we gotta train him well haha. 

The most recent shot of Buibui. One of his favourite spot would be at the windowsill, watching the "outside world" as we call it hahaha. We intend to bring him out one of the days so don't start feeling sad for him hahaa he gets a lot of freedom here compare to a lot of pet birds I'd say. 

Now that I've got a bird flying around my room.....I'm kind of worried about how I'm suppose to clay with Buibui around because he will definitely come and peck at everything I'm doing :( I don't really want to lock him in the cage either........... Ah well....


My boyfriend and I also split money to purchase a secondhand Sony RX100 Mark III!! So you can look out for better quality photos and I do wanna make videos in the future.... Quite hyped about that!! ^^