Bust figurine. Is it what this kind of figurines are called? When I consulted Uncle G(oogle), it showed me photos of those ancient greek statues..and they are definitely much more realistic. And huge. 

But my idea was to make a cartoonized version of them (like my other small, full body figurines) so I was pretty satisfied with this. 

This is also double the height of my usual figurine and initially I was doubting myself whether can I do it or not. The base size was about the size of my hand or a little bit bigger! Not exactly very miniaturish, but I'm glad I took it anyway!

I really like the base I chose for this project. It really gives a very homely feeling in my opinion. 

DSC02003 copy.jpg

I also had some problem with the scarf, believe it or not. It actually look like she had a snake on her at some point. BUT I MANAGED TO FIX IT.

I also really like how I applied the eyebrows here. Maybe I'll do the same for my other future figurines. The face also took really long because it's the first time I tried making the face muscles, shaping them and blending. Same for the nose! Once again, I learnt SO MUCH from this project and am so glad I took it.

It took me 4 DAYS to complete everything (I'm not even joking). I only had about a week or so to complete it, and it was a pretty rushed job. But I made sure I was satisfied with everything before I hand it over to my customer.

I undercharged this project without realising (like my other works but this was waaaaaaaaay worse lol) (can you believe I also FORGOT TO CHARGE FOR THE CAT OMG) but I guess at least now I'll have a gauge for this sort of project! Always a first in everything. :)

Maybe my expectations are just over the top..gotta charge accordingly, xm. 

And of course not forgetting to charge some things. *facepalm*

Zoom in on the cat! 

This was version 2. Version 1 was HORRIBLE and I spent so long on it trying to save it. But sometimes redo-ing the whole thing works way better. 

You can head to my Dayre Day 343 to see Version 1, and also more work-in-progress photos of the figurine.

Here's the reference photos that were sent to me. As usual, mosaic for privacy purpose. 

You can see I tried to mimic the black roots too for the female's hair haha.

My customer drew this as a reference for me too. QUITE GOOD IMO. I can never draw anything like this haha.

One last photo with Buibui. Hehe. He was scuttling around when I was taking photos so cute. ^^