DSC02228 copy.jpg

This is a figurine of one of a member in a boy band call Spexial! If I'm not mistaken, his alias is Wes. It's a custom order, and she requested gloss glaze. So this is how it will look like when it's all glossed. The shine on the figurine's forehead is so extreme that it's even reflecting the light in my lightbox! Hahaha. 

I prefer matte and it looks nicer in my opinion, but to each his own! :)

Shiny hair haha.

His hair is styled quite uniquely too. His fringe is REALLY long and it's combed backwards, so I also try to imitate that!

I also tried to imitate the holes in his clothes, and it looks more obvious in real life. 

This is the first time someone ordered a glossed figurine, and it's really SUPER SHINY. The photo doesn't show it well sadly. Maybe I will take a video when someone ordered another glossed figurine to show the difference between matte and gloss.