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Winter clothes aren't easy to make for my figurines, but I absolutely love how they look!

The props I used for this was petals from a beautiful Eustoma flower I got when I went for a watercolour workshop! SEE THE POTENTIAL FOR PROPS EVERYWHERE! 

I went the day before I took photos, so the flower was still kinda fresh wooohooo. 

When I took the photos, the petals looked a bit too yellowish/greenish for my taste and I thought it might not work well. But after the usual editing I do on my photo, I kinda like how it gave my photos a really refreshing look! Plus, it looked like they were amongst the flowers overseas HAHAHA YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?? 😆 

The base was to imitate the one they were standing on! It was a really interesting shade of colour, very pretty. 

The female's scarf was the most difficult one for me in this project. But I managed to figure out how to do it, and I really learnt something new from this! SCORE. 

The male had two collars, and from the previous winter clothes project, making this was a breeze! Experiences really is quite an important thing aye. I LOVE THE LITTLE POCKETS ON THE MALE'S JACKET!! 😍

The female figurine's hair was also really pretty imo! Look at that gradient 😍 (omg so much self-praise tsk tsk)

Also, HOW ADORABLE IS THAT TINY GLOVED HANDS????? Really head over heels with this one hahaha. 

Thank you for making the process a pleasant one, Y! 😊