Time really flies! It's already the start of February, and I have already made more than 30 craft piece thanks to this #craftoftheday resolution! This is really quite amazing. 

I do hope I can keep this up, and I'd still be able to post one craft piece up every day even when I have lots of custom orders! :D

This week there was a lot of AiClay's tutorial craft pieces, which I will sum up when I'm done with all the tutorial. I will be reviewing Pocket Kitchen with the photos, so let's review those that aren't from AiClay Pocket Kitchen tutorials! :)

Another Gudetama! Hehehe. This time, on a piece of bread!

I think I made the bread a bit too thin....next time I shall do better hehe.

Next, it's a birthday gift for one of my friend when I was still working as a part time accountant:

Jocelyn really likes Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, so I made her one with it sitting on a base with her name, making it really customised!

The name could definitely be improved though, and I believe the next one would be neater. :D

Also made a little heart here hehe.

This is also painted with watercolour too, and I think the effect was pretty good on Stitch! :)

Quite a number of people has been asking me about BB-8, and I don't think I would want to sell anything that is licensed, like Marvel, Disney.. But if it's a custom order like this, with customised name on some part of the item, and you will not be able to get it anywhere but from me with a slightly different style from the original piece.....I think I would consider it.

I still would need to do some research about this though, so forgive me if I can't seem to do any custom order for such things.

That's all for this week (I know, there's only two) but I think I would be able to review pocket kitchen really soon, so there'll be lots of miniature food photos soon! ;)