A custom order of my customer's REALLY FLUFFLY cat! 

This is quite different from my past cat work, which is this:


It is also more than twice the size, maybe triple the size of my old work! However I think I like the newer work better. The old version feels more cutesy, which is not really my style imo... The new version feels more realistic and I think I like to portray more details than less! 

I'm sad that I am not allowed to post the reference photos, because the cat is really fluffy and cute!!  

This position is also from the reference photo, even the mouse toy. The colour of the base is similar to the floor of the cat that it was sitting on, too! Love the colour matching to be honest :) 

I think I'll be making cats and dog in this style from here onwards. I don't know whether is it just me, but I personally feel that this is much easier to make than the cutesy one. Maybe because it's a tad bit bigger! ^^ 

I am planning to make some cats from Cat Safari Singapore and donate to them so they can sell, which they will use for the medical treatment for the cats! So there'll be TONS of cats for my #craftoftheday soon hahaha. I probably will recreate the cats with this realistic style so I'm looking forward to that!! :D