It was such a beautiful day when I took this photo ^.^

Yes! Another order, which was inspired from my previous order! This customer (who's also my friend) really love the bench and slipper idea and wanted me to make a similar base for their anniversary! *squeals with excitement*

Hehehe here it is! 

Yes, I went to the top floor of my HDB block and snapped these photos XD 

I wanted to try taking photos with natural lighting, but honestly speaking I think I could have used a better space haahaha. Photos still turned out pretty good though! :D

Not sure if you noticed, but this current base (the ground) is different from the previous order, which was a rectangle! I think I like this one better, since it doesn't feel like it was cut out from somewhere hahaha. 

Side view! This time the bench looks a bit straighter because I baked it before putting them together, but when I bake it again, it started bending too D: (was baking the figurine on the chair part) ah well...another lesson learnt! 

Is it weird that my favourite part of this custom order was the female's hair at the back??? XD

It's actually my first time making hair with wavy curls ONLY at the bottom! It took me quite a while to get it right hahaha.

It's also my first time attempting to make a figurine hug another! Honestly I was so scared that it wouldn't work because their head is so big hahaha but turns out it was okay as long as I squash their hair a little bit. Lots of planning went to it, but I am so glad I managed to pull it off :')

I'm really glad that my work is actually giving people inspiration for gifts to their loved ones, and also allowing me to help them capture a part of their life in a form of sculptor. 

I love my job. :')