A custom order from a friend who wanted to support me! :') 

She didn't want a figurine but a ball of hydrangeas instead, and when I told her I've never tried it before, she just asked me to give it a try! 

DSC02990 copy.jpg

I was so worried that it'd turn out back, but it wasn't as bad as I feared hahaha. 

The flowers could definitely be better though, but I do think that using airdry clay would be much, much easier! Maybe I should grab some again and give it a try. I really dislike using airdry clay though because they always try up on me despite wrapping it up properly and putting it in an airtight container :|

A not-so-nice looking photo of how it looks like when worn! 

I really like the twine feeling for a necklace, but I don't think the hydrangeas was heavy enough so it looks kinda floating hmmmm. Need more improvement on that part too.

I recently got another packaging for my works, and I think I like this much better! :D

It's sturdier than my brown paper bags, and looks aesthetically nicer too. I wrap the cotton cloth around it when I package it! Wonder if there's a better alternative for that...I believe there is, just need to open my eyes more and get more ideas :)

But for now, I'm really satisfied with this current packaging! Sadly it can only be used for local meet ups. For mailing I have to use a tougher box.

Finding the right packaging to me is a long journey, and I'll always look for better alternatives! I certainly hope I can find a good one for my products. (Soon)