Lovely baby breathes from @myvalentinesg and prints from @poptsiepaperco when I went for her calligraphy workshop!

These are not sponsored ok, I paid for them with my own money hahahaa but I think good things needs to be shared ^.^

Ember's been a really good friend, and was the first friend who was really supportive of what I do :') And when she ordered this from me - with the new rates no less - I really felt the love. She really believed in me.

This was the first time I tried making air bangs for fringe, and I'm glad to say she loved it! Although I think some people might not, but the most important thing is she did <3

She started getting into vinyls, and I bet it was due to her partner's influence hehe. It was a good influence, no doubt! 

When she asked me to make a vinyl base, I immediately took the chance. It was something new, and I do like a challenge hehe. To me it really made this order unique to them, and that's what I wanted all my custom orders to be. 

Hehe I really love how the pretty baby breathes is making my website look! #noshame

My friend also requested a high bun, and this really reminded me of her! I could totally imagine her wearing it because she always does. Truly making the figurine look like her hehe. 

The male also has really unique hair, especially the sides - they kind of wrap around his face! It was one of the crucial information I needed to take note of.

She requested a T-shirt that has this milk carton on it, and I've actually seen her wore it before! It's really adorable and I've never seen anyone else has it hahaha.

I needed the image itself for the image transfer, and she managed to find it! However, the one she found looked a bit different from what she had, so I did some editing myself. I truly think that it's the little things like these that helps to make the figurine look similar to the person.

Because the background of the shirt was white, the image transfer was pretty okay, although it was still tough because of the size! I had to redo a couple of times *scratch head* BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT!

Another interesting trait was the hole on the male's shoe! I think it's really funny that this guy has holes on his shoes, both of them too!

This was definitely one of my favourite works (plus all the baby breathes made it look so pretty right HEHE), and I hope there'll be more to come!

Here are the rest of the photos, just to make sure I at least made good use of them hurhur.