This order was by a friend's mother, whom got this for her boss! I really think it was so thoughtful of her to do so, and I heard that her boss really likes it! Hehe. 

She passed me a photo of both of them when they're on a trip I assumed, as they were both in winter wear! She was wearing a really puffy jacket, whereas the male was wearing double layer too!

Her scarf was really tough to make, especially since it was checkered! I wrote about it on Dayre, and there was even progress photos! You can read it here ;)

I realised I write a lot of WIP on Dayre, and also random thoughts about handxmade, just because it's really convenient to do so. I prefer to blog on squarespace using my iMac, but my phone is always with me, and I just tend to reach it more often than my iMac! So if you like to see more progress photos and thoughts, do follow me on Dayre! It's also a really friendly community, so I think everyone will enjoy being there! ^.^

I'm slowly leaning towards the idea that my blog here on my website is mainly as a portfolio for my work, and I try to keep it short and sweet. I think I will continue to do that, since I don't really want to repeat myself here, feels like I'm nagging HAHAHA.

Her hair was going sideways away from her face, and even more so thanks to the thick jacket! So I tried to portray that too hehe.

The concrete base here also looks a bit more natural, rather than the strict rounded oval shape that even the bottom has! I do like this much better, plus it'd probably help with the stability! 

I managed to also make the double collar on the male, which I thought would be really tough! At least I managed to pull it off phew. 

The choice of sport shoes were made by my friend and me because my friend's mother couldn't find a reference photo of it! I hope we were accurate..

Thank you Vanessa for spreading the word around, even to your mum! <3