This order was somehow quite tedious, because of miscommunications between my customer and I. I do hope that I will be able to avoid such things from happening again after some implementation! For now, I'm just glad that everything else went past relatively smoothly, and I completed it! ^.^

I got a message from her saying that she didn't like the air bangs I made for my previous order (head here to see), so I decided to improve on it better and more realistic, making it kind of floats - like real air bangs. 

Here's how it looks like from another angle! 

This was really difficult to make, and it could be potentially fragile. The fringe is still flexible and bendable, but if you press hard enough, it MIGHT break. >.<

So if anyone else wants this style for their fringe....I need to charge more, but at the same time need to tell them that it might be fragile.....

But I guess it's really up to the customer, and if it's going to be a decoration item, where you just put in a spot and not use it....I think it'll be fine!

I kinda like this new oval shape base, where the bottom is slightly slanted! Now you can see the imprints better hehehe. 

The male also has shaved sides, and I found a way to make it look more realistic! In the past my shaved sides still looks like hair, just lesser...but now you can actually see skin! (Y)

I've also reinforced the base to figurine MUCH better now! The legs are actually attached to the base through the bottom, and they're not attached with just liquid clay! 

This also means that I don't have to make a deeper imprint on the base, and now the figurines actually looks like they're standing on a platform (especially for concrete looking base), not squashed! (See below photos and take note of the legs to know what I mean!)

Here's some WIP! You can see what I mean by the base here better ^.^

A few more photos to end this post. 

Really glad that my plan of a much more secured base to figurine worked out, and although it IS a bit more tedious, I really think spending the time to make it work is worth it ^.^ Better not risk even a slight chance of the figurine getting detached from the base!

Also, I learnt how to make and bake something to make it float, so I totally gained EXP out of this order hehehe. Sometimes things aren't all that bad!