The newest gadget that has officially change my habit of drinking water - in a VERY GOOD WAY 😍

Hidrate Spark 2.0

I've been struggling with the concept of drinking enough water since forever 😅 

When I was still living with my parents, my mum would constantly bring me water while I study or having my eyes glued to the computer, and she would then forced me to finish one cup of water, or nag till I finish it 🙃 

It was just something that was a hassle to me? LOL. I had to take a cup, and wash it afterwards you know?!? LOL #ultimatelaziness 

After I moved out, I realised that I've been drinking lesser and lesser water. We would refill the water jug, but it'll STILL be full by the time ET comes home 😅 My only source of water would be from sweet drinks from lunch/dinner since it's there and convenient 😵


Hence when I found out about the mokit seed bottle, I actually purchased it on their Kickstarter. 



Basically I was relying on it to come and didn't buy any other bottle and was still drinking not enough water per day lol 😐 

After I checked it few weeks ago, I realised that it really isn't gonna happen, and asked my partner to ask for a refund (he helped me bought it). The reviews were SO BAD. They basically went MIA and people didn't even get their refund!! 😱

I then looked for alternatives, even though I was still scared that the same thing would happen 😣 That's when I found out about Hidrate Spark

To be honest, their reviews were mixed too. BUT there were actually GOOD REVIEWS! So I was like "ok maybe I should give it a go" 

I received the bottle WITHIN A WEEK 😅 

If only I had known about it sooner!!!

It came in a very simple and well designed packaging 😍 (always very happy with gorgeous packaging hehe) 

And my first thought was:

"Wow it's so light?!?"

I honestly imagined that it would be heavier, but it being lighter is such a good plus point!! 😍 I hate it when my bag is heavy and it makes me sweat and uncomfortable etc, so this actually allows me to bring my bottle out without even thinking about how heavy it is?? (Hence drinking less canned drinks woop!)

I don't want to get into the benefit of water because I am sure everyone KNOWS how water helps with almost everything???? 

Sick → drink water

Tired → drink water

Diet → drink water so you feel fuller before you have your meal = eat less LOL

Ok these are the common ones I know, but they gave 4 examples HAHA

And here are the features for the bottle! 😍✨

SYNCS WITH YOUR PHONE VIA BLUETOOTH to a hydration app (more about that later) 

TRACKS YOUR WATER INTAKE via the app (which I think is a good form of motivation + good for people who over drink HAHA I heard that's a problem 😵) 

BOTTLE GLOWS!! YES this is really awesome and truly helped me especially when I work :') 

NO CHARGING, which means no "port" for you to worry about water damage 😅

It comes with a manual too! 

I've always been a manual reading person, but usually the manuals are just random things that are of no value. 

But THIS. I recommend going through it before you do anything!!

It has everything and is so detailed! Literally all your questions will be answered in this manual haha 👍🏻 


"Can the bottle be washed in a dish washer" (YES) 

"Can the sensor be washed in a dish washer" (NO) 

Everything is USEFUL unlike the other manuals so I actually enjoyed reading them, with very clear illustrations!

I actually thought I had connected my bottle in the beginning, but I didn't and I actually thought it was spoilt and was so upset LOL 😅 

Turns out I didn't connect properly, and it was this photo that made me realised that ("___tells you if you've connected the bottle") 

I've read tons of comments saying that their bottle doesn't work, or the sensor stopped working...maybe it's because they didn't follow instructions? Cause you really can't get anything wrong if you do read la tbh 😅

The manual also contains things like "ensure the arrow is pointing towards the same direction and parallel to each other to ensure the water doesn't leak."


I've had bad experience with leaking water bottles so I really appreciate this :')


I downloaded the app almost immediately when I got the bottle, and seriously it makes the whole drinking water experience so much better 😍


Once I got the bottle and connected it, they asked me to key in my particulars! 

I also very honest and said I wanted to drink water cause I wanna lose weight HAHAHA 🙃 (my weight keep fluctuating between 55kg to 57kg sobs)

Also they will ask how active you are, cause I guess the water intake will be different depending on that!

They also ask you what time you sleep so the bottle won't glow and disturb your sleep!! So considerate??? This really shows how they thought through everything haha 👍🏻

Although it did took me a few tries (two actually) to connect the bottle and figure out how to put the sensor so it doesn't get wet etc, it was really easy once I got it and also understood how it works!


The app itself is really well designed and smooth, and I love how easily accessible everything is! ☺ 

Right in the middle, you'll see how much water you have consumed today, and based on your information (mine = not active AT ALL LOL) they will calculate how much water you need to consume for you! 👍🏻  You can adjust manually too if you have a specific goal in mind. 

There's also a flashing light which tells you that you're suppose to drink THIS MUCH water as of right now, so you know when to stop and not over drink for that moment 😊 

The sensor in the bottle will track how much you drink AUTOMATICALLY IN THE APP as long as it goes through the water bottle's mouth! 😊 

(If you want to throw away the water without it tracking it, just open the cap! I was stunned by how many people complained that the sensor tracked the water when they pour it out. READ THE MANUAL!! 😅) 

It does require Bluetooth to connect, but Bluetooth really doesn't drain a lot of battery 😊


Swipe to the left, and you'll see your previous day's goal! 😊 

At the bottom, you can also swipe right to see how much water you drank at what time! So cool right?? 😍 

It can also be connected to your Fitbit or Apple Watch etc, which I don't have so I can't really comment on that 😬


On the analytics side, you'll see a summary of a week's worth of water consumed 😊 

I love how they would combine the circles when you drank enough water a few days straight! 😍

(Btw I got the bottle on Monday night hence the first day was only half 🙃)


Another plus point about the app and the bottle is that YOU CAN TRACK YOUR BOTTLE'S LOCATION! 😱 

This is good for people who always lose their bottles, or keep having their bottles stolen by people (my friend who told me he want to get it cause his bottle keeps getting stolen so this would be helpful 🙃)

But this will require you to switch on location on your phone though and that would be quite battery draining, but it's ok I always have portable charger with me anyway 😝


What you see when you click on your bottle! 😊 


I use this to test if my bottle is connected and if the sensor is working 😊


You can also manually add water if you drink it from outside the bottle! 😊 

Like for example if I did drink canned drinks, I'll just add it in (even though it's sugared water it's still water right) 

Unfortunately you can't minus water off but you really don't need it if you just open the cap and pour water out the right way 🙃
(Sometimes accidents can happen, like spillage of water, which I understand, so it would be good if it's available in the future!)

I like how they give you a visualisation of the amount of water you want to add! Really makes it easier even if you have to guess how much water to add 😊


There are other things you can adjust to your liking, like push notifications from your phone (if your bottle is always out of sight) and how much glow you want your bottle to glow per day, how frequent, the type of glow etc! 

Mine is 3 white consecutively for 30sec 😊

White colour IS harder to see, and red does catch your attention better, but I like white with black more 😝 

The push notifications are really witty and sometimes sarcastic HAHAHA ("Stay thirsty my friend! Cheers 👍🏻") 😆 Makes it so much more interesting! 

For the bottle itself, to drink the water, you just have to press the button with the 💧 mark and it will pop open! 😊

They also provided a finger loop, which is quite comfortable to use and doesn't cut into your finger!! 👍🏻

I love how the pattern is similar to the bottle too 😍

It's also really easy to hold, and even though it's tall it doesn't feel bulky at all 😍 

The curve just fits into your hand like a dream 😌

Because the bottle itself is light, it's not straining on your hand too! I can drink with just one hand hurhur


(Photo from Hidrate Spark Website) 

They come in White, Green, Teal, Pink, Purple and Black!! 

They're all so gorgeous la but I love black too much 😝 Black just suits everything!

This is how the sensor looks like, and they even tell you which side to face the front so you can see the glow better (the flat side)

One of the thing I realised while using the bottle is that THE CAP STAYS THERE 😱 

Which means when you tip to drink water, the cap DOES NOT fall and hit your face!! 😂😂😂 

Idk why I noticed it, but whenever I drink water I'd be like "woah wow it didn't hit my face" 😆 

Especially since you drink from it directly (unfortunately they don't have straws haha), I think it's a very important part of the design aspect.


It really stays there even after tipping so much (if you down ALL the water I suppose you can get this angle 😂) 

This means you really can drink with ONE HAND ONLY!! No more supporting the cap or what, just click and drink! 👍🏻

They also sell batteries on their website! 

I think you can get these batteries relatively easy from watch shops or smth, but if you're gonna use the glow option and make it glow 10 times every day even if you're still on track (like me), it's good to have extras on hand! 😊 

(Battery drains faster if the glow factor is more frequent, as expected)


I do want to address the reviews I've read while researching this bottle. When I went to the Kickstarter page, many people did say that they didn't receive their bottle and they didn't get any answers from the company. 

I am not sure if those are resolved, because if they were, it's very rare that they will give an update right? People are lazy like that - they only complain when it benefit them and it's one sided. 

I only decided to give hidrate spark a try because I saw all the good reviews on their website (which is the most updated) 

Sure, it's their website, they can choose what reviews to keep or show or whatever, but it convinced me enough to give it a shot. 

The bottle I received shows that they are still making and delivering bottles and that the company is alive and doing well! 

Furthermore, it's been a few years since their Kickstarter project, so by now they would have experience tons of things and the bottle is already a better version (2.0) 

If you don't drink enough water like me, I really recommend you to give it a try, because I do see myself using this bottle all the time!

Some of the complains I saw (that doesn't affect me) was:

1. Glow not strong enough and doesn't vibrate (I put my bottle in front of me all the time so I always see it) 

2. Have to keep checking app to see water intake (mokit seed actually has the water consumption thing on the cap, which means you can click on it and check. It's nice, but I didn't even get the bottle, so.....)

I usually check the app when I'm bored anyway cause it's kinda like an incentive for me to drink more (MUST COMPLETE THE CIRCLE 😂) But it didn't really affect my work process or distracted me?? 

It's a good thing that the app is fast too so I don't spend a lot of time waiting hahaahahaha

3. Cheap plastic bottle (??? Erm well it's BPA free and all the other good things, and to be honest I'd rather it be light than heavy like metal etc) 

It also means that it's not insulated though, but the main reason why I got this bottle was to drink water, not cold drinks. You can still put ice or cold water if you want la but I want to just drink plain old room temperature water, so this works for me 👍🏻

4. Flimsy lid (But mine so sturdy leh??? Is it I lucky hahaha. I also dropped it 3 times since I got it 🙊🙈 and everything still works fine!) 

I do want to address all these because everyone has different priorities, and the bad reviews might put you off completely. But it works for me well so no complains from me definitely, and I recommend you to do your own research to see if you're ready to invest in this bottle!


Honestly, I didn't need a few weeks to write this review because I am really in love with it anyway 💕 AND I AM DRINKING SO MUCH WATER THAT THE WATER SITUATION AT HOME IS A MESS (we used to only need to boil water once every day for both of us, now I have to boil 3 times per day 😅) 

Now when I craft and work, which I spend most of my days doing and being all focused, it will basically gently nudge me to drink water (which I would because complete the circle HAHA) WITH ONE HAND and then I can get back to work, all within 10 seconds! :')

Also I have a bad habit of drinking directly from the spout from our shared water jug (remember #lazyass?) 🙊 My partner doesn't mind but hehe it's quite gross la 🙃 Now my bottle IS MY OWN WATER JUG 😍

Really no regrets :') 

If you want to get your own bottle, just head to their website at https://hidratespark.com/ 😊

Let them know I sent you! 😉

Brb while I go drink some water 😉

DISCLAIMER: This bottle was sent to me for an honest review based on my experience, and I WILL NEVER give false information. 

I truly enjoy using this bottle and want to share it with everyone, especially if you are looking for something similar (or if you got cheated by mokit seed too and lost faith in humanity but still want to believe lol)