This week I could finally catch up with my crafting and I was crafting non-stop from Monday to Friday! I LOVE IT HAHAA.

BB-8! I'm so glad I did this :') It was really tough to find reference photo for all the side of the body though, and because I like to be specific, I just had to find all that I could for the 6 different prints in the 6 circles!

Hahaha look at the amount of reference photos my goddddd.

But the toughest part wasn't to find the reference photos, but making the item itself definitely. The BB-8 you see is probably the 4th one I made......

The first few I burnt them because 1. I forgot to cover the item with aluminium pan, 2. The temperature was just set wrongly (160 degrees instead of 130 degrees, forgot to change it back after heating up pizza HAHAHA). 

The third one, I tried to do it with watercolour but because I kept touching it before it completely dried, the orange colour was smudged D:

A really bad photo I took to show ET how bad it was haha. 

HOW CAN I CALL THIS A COMPLETED CRAFT PIECE??? Even though everything was painted nicely, just smudged... :| I thought I might be able to pull this off as a dirty BB-8 since it was quite dirty in the adventures in Star Wars....BUT NOPE. I won't be able to live with myself if I do that haha.

This look soooo much better!! Here is BB-8's different side for my own future reference and also for other people who might wanna try and make this :D

Opps just realised there's no photo for the pattern right at the bottom of the head! You can see it on the last reference photo, the one on the top right! :)

Now, the reason why I can show all side of BB-8 with BB-8's face facing one way is because I can actually move the body!!! 

(I apologise for my unsightly finger with a cut...sometimes I wish I've got nice fingernails and hands...) 

There's a magnet in the head and body, so both parts can be attached! One of the reason I wanted to make BB-8 was to test this particular magnet- SmCo (Samarium Cobalt), and see if it really can stay magnetic even after going through the oven with polymer clay's required baking time!

I'm relieved to say that it works wonderfully and it's still really strong! Even though it's much pricier than the usual magnets. I guess you do pay for the quality! 

A short video of the BB-8 made with polymer clay to show how strong the magnet is in real time :)

Posted by HANDXMADE on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This took a few days to make and it was quite frustrating, but I'm glad I got it right in the end, and I'm so proud of it I even wore it as an accessory! :)

I put a lobster clasps instead of a ring so that I can switch between my #craftoftheday works if I want to hehe. 


Alright, the next #craftoftheday item is..... *drumroll*


For those of you who don't know what's a Gudetama.........here's a video to summarise some of the best videos (albeit pointless) hahaha.

Gudetama is a new character from Sanrio, which also designed kawaii Japanese characters like Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and more! As you can see, it has so many short clips and there's so many compilation! At the end of the video there's even a song hahahahaha. It's basically just a lazy egg yolk- that's about it!

"Sanrio's egg-turned-mascot character gets its name from a combination of the words “gude“(pronouced goo-deh), which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and “tama” from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese." - Uncle Google

I wonder who came up with this hahahahahhahaha the videos are REALLY, REALLY POINTLESS. But it's soooooo annoyingly cute!

One of the most distinctive features of Gudetama is its butt! So bounceh and....naked hahaa. I think my Gudetama could be improved! Can see myself making more of this character in the future. :D


Now this next #craftoftheday craft piece...

A Stormtrooper helmet! Before the Star War craze ends hahahaha.

This was actually harder to make than I expected. Even though it looks really simple, it actually is really detailed!

If you look at the side view, you can see how it has to be a bit slanted, how the bottom of the helmet has to look like, and it has to be proportionate! It took me a surprisingly long time than what I expected to finish this! I'm really proud of this though, and maybe I'll wear it out as an accessory too- if ET doesn't take it from me hehe. 

I always prefer matte glaze, however, gloss glaze was the most apt for these few pieces and they look great in this context! To me, human figurines would look tacky if it's glazed with gloss glaze haha. 

This week, during the weekends, I started posting my rendition of AiClay's tutorials in her Pocket Kitchen! Pocket Kitchen is a kit which includes EVERYTHING you need to make miniature food with polymer clay- and yes, THERE'S POLYMER CLAY INSIDE THE KIT TOO! She even includes more than 10 tutorials! It was such a steal! I invested in it even though I already had tools to make polymer clay, but there's something special inside that I've been using ever since I got it! 

I'll be posting a full blog post with all my rendition of her tutorials and also my thoughts and review of Pocket Kitchen! Meanwhile, if you want to know more about pocket kitchen, do head to her website and check it out!



Few weeks back, my cousin asked me to make a botan and dango (respectively) keychain for him. 


Basically they are side characters on an anime call Clannad. It was a visual novel and then a TV series based on the visual novel was created. It's basically.....LOVE STORY. Haha. But Season Two, called Clannad After Story, apparently made everyone whom I know who watched it cried. I haven't gotten to it yet, but I know why dango is so....lovable.







And for the first season of Clannad, the ending song was this: 
please watch, it's very amusing and after awhile, very addicting


It has already find it's way to my iTunes playlist. LOL. Isn't it adorable ihsagdilashgbcvlaiwhebc. I got a tiny bit obsessed with this song for awhile and they look so bouncy too omgosh.

So my junior saw the post on my instagram account and she was also a fellow dango-addict. She custom ordered from me one dango. Now the one I made for my cousin were both made from airdry clay. And I did not know what I was thinking haha. Airdry clay does NOT make good keychain. It's TOO squishy and it could get torn easily. So of course I made it with polymer clay this time so it's more durable. 


I figured since I have so much colour of the clay I mixed left, might as well make more right.

I gave one of them to my cousin, since I told him if I made it out of polymer clay I'll make him one, since I felt so bad about the flimsy, squishy air dry clay. But there's 9 of them and 9 - 2 = 7MORE HAHHAHAHAA

SO YES, YOU GUESSED RIGHT (if you were even guessing at all)



My friend was like, YOU CRAZY AH SO MANY GIVEAWAYS, SELL IT LA. Hahaha. Yeah I'm actually quite broke now...but oh well.. I'm not really good yet, so in a way, giving away stuff and getting feedback will be very important to me. Plus, I have to settle my packaging etc before I 'officially' open for custom orders. :D

Slow and steady~




DO YOU KNOW POKEMON IS AN ANIME?? I sure didn't since it was always dubbed. I thought it was just normal cartoon. I think I only knew how to differentiate cartoons and anime (Japanese animated production) when I was about 16 years old?? (noob hahaha) 

And it's anime > cartoons. Definitely. 

I decided to make a giveaway for three of these pokeballs on instagram, and suddenly I got a lot more followers, and a lot more likes than usual (but of course it's because you have to like the photo to participate in the giveaway. LIKE A PHOTO AND GET A CHANCE TO WIN FREE THINGS, WHY NOT RIGHT.) But still, seeing a whopping 98 likes compare to my usual....less than 20 likes on handxmade? Quite refreshing, and of course, HAPPY.

The giveaway just ended though. BUT ONE MORE COMING RIGHT UP! ;)

A custom order for a MASTER BALL. (Custom order customer was my boyfriend hahahaha) Honestly. masterball is quite ugly. OOPS. I didn't have normal purple but only the glitter purple I bought when I was making my senior's girlfriend's shirt, but my boyfriend said it was okay and in his memory the master ball he remembered was glittery anyway (I DON'T REMEMEBER) so all is well haha. 


More pokemon! This one is a custom order too, from my part time work colleague. (Yeah, custom is now ONLY open to people close to me haha, they're mainly my guinea pig and they're probably more understanding. Hence, since I'm new and my stuff still isn't as satisfactory, I give them a discount.)

This pikachu is actually version two. I SHALL SHOW MY DISGUSTING VERSION 1 HAHAHAHA.

I really dislike this haha, maybe it's the body? And definitely the colour too. But the face on this one is definitely cuter. Maybe because the eyes is bigger? Hmmmmm.

That's all for pokemon for now! I wonder will I be doing more of this theme in the future. Hmmm~



It's been awhile!

I've finally finished school (to a certain degree.....still have to help out for our graduation show), my assignments and all, DONE! 

So now I'm just working, and continuing my part time job. AND OF COURSE, CLAYING. 

Do you know Parasyte? 
It's a Science Fiction, Body Horror (according to Wiki) manga, and now also an ongoing anime. Here's the synopsis!

(Excerpt taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasyte)

(Excerpt taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasyte)

Pretty crazy huh? 

But it's really interesting! My partner was the one who introduced this manga to me and I loved it. I then shared this amazing story to my cousin, and after he saw the zero (with the badly done painting job), he requested for me to make for him a shinichi with migi!!

(Picture taken from google from my cousin, who probably got it from google.com hahhaa)

(Picture taken from google from my cousin, who probably got it from google.com hahhaa)

This is the picture he sent me as a reference! I was really excited because it's my 2nd time taking a custom order with clay ehehehehhehee. I'm glad he trusted me enough to ask me for it. Then again I won't be taking any money from him, and I've decided it would be a good chance for me to test out the durability of the items I made. 


This is what I've done! Honestly I'm really quite happy about it. It's the first time I'm making facial expression and also hair! (Zero was just a mask hahaha) I got the hang of it and it went pretty smoothly! Even the spectacles was a first. I love the earrrrrs hehe. 


The backview! I first made migi, and then attached it to the body after baking it. I'm not exactly satisfied with migi, especially the painting job (again) of the blades (the white part).

Here's a blurrier photo- but with a saturation of the colour similar to the actual shinichi. The streaks of the hair is more obvious in real life too. 

Overall I'm really happy with this product! It measures about 5cm in width and 6cm in height. I actually would prefer it if it's a little bit smaller but the proportions are just nice in this case. Yayyyy. I'm making some Baymax now, will update in the next post!



Remember my first try on polymer clay that was a massive big fail? I completed it! 

Yes! It's Zero/Lelouch from Code Geass! I personally think that it's still quite fail but not as bad as the first try HAHAHHAA. I'll talk about the fails later in this post. 

I made my Zero using this picture which I found in google searching "code geass zero chibi" and this was the cutesttttt. Obviously it looks much better than the clay I made. But considering it's my first try....... (excuses excuses lol) 

Anyway, Code Geass is an anime that my boyfriend introduced to me. It's his favourite anime and after I watched it, it became one of the top few on my list too. If you're interested you can go here to read the synopsis, I don't want to give any spoilers! 

So before I knew that clay existed, he kind of requested a Zero, and it was MONTHS AGO. Back then the only craft I make was via crochet and knitting. But using crochet, it's really hard to get the details and I'm someone who really wants details as well as making it small, like at least half the size of my hand, so crocheting is really out of the question. 

After I know the existence of polymer clay, the first thing I wanted to make when I finally got my supplies was Zero! 

Which is honestly not really a good idea because it's really tough LOL I really should have tried something easier like maybe with simple shapes but THIS IS THE FIRST ONE I DID. I should have gotten my basics down before attempting something like this but I was impatient hahah. 

Before talking about the process of making Zero, 

Remember in my #fail post I talked about how using vaseline to kind of soften the clay so it can be conditioned a little bit easier? NOPE. DON'T DO IT. LOL. I mean yes, it helps to condition the clay easily but it also makes it super tough to work with afterwards because it gets so sticky and slimy and you can't really do anything to it like carving. 

So what I did was I leech it, that's where you put the clay that's conditioned too much/too soft in between two pieces of paper (don't use paper that has inks on it, just to be safe so that nothing gets in your clay), stack books or anything heavy on top and leave it for a day or so to make it firmer. The picture above shows the amount of oil(?) that I leeched out. There are various methods to do this but this is what I did. 

Sometimes you might even get clays that's already too soft from the package itself so this is what you can do too. I guess firmer clays are easier to manipulate but if it's too crumbly...

What I did when I was making zero was actually just using my hands to condition it! Weird right?? I had a blister before that but now it seems so much easier! It could be because 1. It was the first time I touched a polymer clay and it was tougher than I expected so the second time I try to use it I was already expecting it or 2. Because the clay was opened maybe the humidity did something to it. 

But all in all, using your hands can condition the clay quite easily!! What I did was I kind ofcollect all the crumbly clay on my palm and gently attempt to make them into a ball, rubbing them. I am guessing that the heat from the friction of my palm warms them up a little and it gathers them up, which after that I will the use my fingers to soften them. 

I feel that they're conditioned enough when you pull them apart and no "crumbs" fell down. It really doesn't have to be stretchy like gum. (That's my personal opinion, I may be wrong and I need to experiment with it more)

Also, I'm really sad because my blade got kind of...rusted?? I am thinking it might be because of the wet wipes, the rusted place looks like streaks of water that might have been left when I was cleaning it up. Which was weird cause I made sure I dried everything with tissue paper. :( 

But then again, it might just because of humidity itself. I don't think this is stainless steel so maybe when it's really getting worse I'll try and find a stainless steel blade. I put this in a sandwich bag with dehumidifier so I'm hoping it'll slow down the process. I wonder where I can get stainless steel blade....

But enough digress! 

After a lot of fails, I finally got into something like this. 

Initially I kept on making the head first etc and it was really difficult to make the body afterwards. So I tore it off and made from scratch and made the body first. It worked much more better! 
So I made a mental note to myself that I must always make the base first.  

It looks really funny now haha the way it's standing seems weird, I probably should have made the legs differently........ I was pretty happy about the mask, but one side broke off while working on the cape because I prebake it and clays that are not baked fully can be VERY fragile. It was quite frustrating and I tried my best to patch it up but now the smoothness of the whole mask is gone :(

It was also proving quite difficult to make the mask because I didn't have a pasta machine yet and it was hard to make the clay flat consistently, so I had quite a hard time making the mask. 

I made sure I got a pasta machine before I make the cape because cape needs to be flat, FLAT!!!!!!

When making the cape, I wanted to make sure it could stand with the support of the cape, so I used the extra clay that I have and not going to use as a support Zero when I bake it. 

I made the cape with one side red and one side blue and go through the pasta machine together. So I had extras when I cut the pieces I needed out. I used those extra and rolled them up together to make the two supports. THIS ONE LOOKS LIKE A SQUASHED SPIDER MAN HAHAHAHAHHAHAA. *random*

But anyway, I finally completed it. It's really not the nicest looking thing on earth but I'm proud of it because it's my first polymer clay model. 

Things I'm not happy about and need improvement on: 


  1. My painting skills. IT SUCKS. I need to get thinner paintbrush, and also mix the colour properly. It looks too bright on zero :( 
  2. Zero wasn't able to stand properly. When I was baking the top half of the cape, I laid it down flat. So the legs got pressed downwards and the top half of the cape isn't really exactly rounded. :( 
  3. I need to remember that they are all prebaked so they are REALLY fragile. Ugh. The bottom cape broke like into 3 parts, the side on it's left hand. I had to patch it up but I don't think I did it well. 
  4. Need to have all the materials. I didn't have dark blue paint so I used fimo liquid clay with dark blue pastel and covered up the cape and parts where my yellow paint was accidentally painted on. 
  5. THEN I baked it at the wrong temperature, I didn't look at it carefully and realised that I needed a higher temperature for liquid clay and lesser timing AFTER I took it out of the oven T.T It was too late by then and you could see the streaks of liquid flowing downwards the back of the cape....... :(

It's now at the bottom of his computer desktop with the Santa Darth Vader lego his friend gave him for christmas haha. Even though it's really not very well done, he still likes it and I'm glad. ^^
(Photo credits to my boyfriend who sent it to me hehe)



So I saw a youtube video about how you can use a mug warmer to cure polymer clay. 


Hence I took my dad's mug warmer, and went off to Popular bookstore to get some polymer clay happily. (Popular bookstore because by then it was after 8pm and Art Friend closes at 8pm. WHY???) SGD $4.20 for a small block of fimo clay...is it pricey? :( I shall go check out the price at Art Friend next time. 

Anyway, so I bought the clay, and immediately tried it out. And since it was the first time, again it was disastrous. 

The first clay I ever used was air dry clay and now I know how smooth and easy to manipulate it is compared to polymer clay. I think I was really unlucky too. I did not know better and just choose the colour of fimo clays I wanted, and did not attempt to try out the texture by pressing on it. (It was after I bought and tried the clays myself then I read an article saying that if the clay is newer/stored properly when you press on it, it should have a small imprint you made with your fingers) MY CLAYS WERE LIKE SOLID ROCKS. *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* AND IT'S STILL HARD. RAWR. 

But of course, I tried my best to condition the clay with my fingers. And, it KINDA worked. But it also made my finger like this.


And of course, people, remember to cut your nails (or at least paint them so it's not that obvious LOL) if you're working with clay cause it's going to become like this. 

Honestly, all I saw was the fun part of working with clay and I was so naive haha. You have to condition the clay, and especially if you're unlucky like me to live in a place where not many people craft and the clay stocks are probably stored there for ages and hence hardened. Not to mention Singapore is a super humid place. They're gonna pre-bake themselves. :( 

Afterwards, I read that hand sanitizers that is alcohol based will clean the clay right off so I might get some soon. 

After trying very hard to condition the clay with my bare hands and getting myself a blister, I quickly google for a solution online and saw that petroleum jelly can help soften the clay. I HAD SOME VASELINE. HURRAH. In the picture above, the clay at the top is the one I spammed vaseline with, and bottom is the raw, unconditioned clay. SO CRUMBLY. 

Honestly, I still have no idea how a properly conditioned clay feels like, and the one on top was conditioned too much or as I call it, over vaseline-ed. It was getting sticky and slimy and it's too 'gooey' to even cut properly......

It was sticking to the place I work my clay on too. So I rolled the clay flat, started cutting some shapes, then I realised hey shit this isn't working the clay is sticking and by the time I 'tore' it out the shape was ruined. (I watched more youtube videos and made sure to see what other advanced clay makers do and realise that they used the blade to kind of 'slice' them away from the working space, need to remember!)


And yes, the pigmentation goes all over the place, might be because it was over vaseline-ed but even before I put vaseline my fingers was already covered in blue-ish purple. So that's another cons of polymer clay. 

The bump of the blister. The next day I poked it and let whatever inside spurt out. I made sure I squeezed everything out otherwise if there's the bump I'll start to pick on it LOL bad habits, itchy fingers. 

So yeah, polymer clays are tough, but it'll probably get easier as long as I know how much vaseline I should put in crumbly clay, how does workable clay feel like, and also how I should set my table while working clay. I don't have much space in my room so I do almost everything on my bed and I only have a pretty small portable table to put on my bed to do stuff. My tools were rolling everywhere and also near my clay and it was a mess. 

That was a BIG, but related digress I made, but yes, mug warmer. My mug warmer was 14 watts, and apparently it's lousy for a mug warmer. The best so far is 24 watts so I guess it's not warm enough to cure the amount of clay I dump in (which wasn't a lot by the way but it still failed) So even if you have a 24 watts mug warmer, I'd only recommend this if you were really going to cure really tiny things shown in the video. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they have a mini convection oven about the size of a rice cooker? Just for clay miniatures.......... #dreamonxm