Dayre, a place I've been updating almost daily with random day-to-day musings, food and sometimes rants, since I got back to it on November 2015! 

I was actually on Dayre in 2014 for a few months, before I stopped due to school work and part time work in general. Oh my, I was still crocheting then! And throwback to my first post on Dayre after the long break, where I talked about wanting to work as Jocelyn's Assistant for AiClay

It was just a good place for me to upload photos with story etched with them, and unless Dayre's server crashed...(touch wood) they'll be there forever. DON'T SAY NO TO FREE STORAGE HAHAHA. It's a mobile based blogging experience, and it has made blogging on the go SO CONVENIENT. 

Slowly, I started meeting new people on Dayre, thanks to Editor's Pick! I really think it was one of the reason that made me stayed on Dayre, because I get to have a peek into other people's life, be it a cook, baker, artist, and more. Editor's Pick is where your posts will be on everyone's timeline for a week, and if they like what you write...they'll want more and follow you! 

And one day....I was picked as Editor's Pick!! 

What a sweet write up :') 

Back then, Handxmade is basically NOTHING, and nobody barely know about me hahahahaha. So being Editor's Pick was like a gift sent from heaven, where SO MANY PEOPLE could see my works, and follow if they're interested! 

Dayre community is so friendly and supportive, it was almost unreal. Of course, as time goes by and more people gets on to the bandwagon, there's bound to be trolls. But that's a story for another day. I STILL LOVE DAYRE. I even made friends, and met some of them! How amazing is that :')


In the end, I decided to give discount for my orders, and I was pleasantly surprised that I got more than 15 orders altogether! Although one or two dropped out a bit, it was still an whooping amount of people (compared at that point of time LOL)

I was suppose to take...10 orders? But I ended up taking more haha. 

I also spent A FEW MONTHS to finally get all of them done, and throughout the way...I've improved TONS, and also realise that the current pricing was impossible for me to survive if I really want to keep it a full time job. 

Now, I've changed how I price my custom orders, a better FAQ section, fix my rushing for deadline problem (hopefully), figurines are consistent in how they look, and also improved my forms (big thanks to Kaye from Pixelandcode! <3)

It's been a looooooong while since I updated handxmade blog, and I'm going to post all the works I've done for Dayre supporters! :') 

Need to keep my "portfolio" alive right hahaha.

*I'm going to post the photos based on their submission, but I worked on them differently because of different deadlines (despite saying I am only taking orders without deadlines....)


The couple keychains with distinctive dress

I really love the female's dress, and really enjoyed making it! There's even a hood at the back, and I think the dress does make the figurine special to that someone - because it's just so rare.

By the end of all orders, I have started putting headpins on all the legs of the figurines, just so they will be more stable! It's actually really tedious, but for long lasting figurines, anything is worth it hurhur.

The figurines hiding in the bed of dried flowers cracked me up though!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.

And of courseeeeee, reference photo hehe. 

The army guy

This was the first time I made a malay figurine, and it was really fun!!

I love her dress, and of course the original looked much better, but I do think it was pretty similar!

I also tried to sculpt the braid at the side of her head, although it's not very obvious.

Some WIP! 

It was the first time I tried making this kind of texture for floor, and I was determined to get it right! I even asked on Dayre in hopes that someone would take a photo of such floor tiles (because there was none near me, and I didn't know what to Google...), and a couple of people really emailed me, or those who had my number sent them to me! I remember feeling really grateful, and thinking "this is the power of internet"

This was the first time I made camo prints, and also a beret! Really glad I managed to pull it off *phew*

The one I made friends with

Cheryl has been a really good friend, and I'm proud to say that I know her through Dayre 100%! She taught me how to use my DSLR (Yes I got one, shall write about it another day hehe), and even accompanied me to watch Train to Busan when my partner wasn't free (he rarely is, and I really wanted to watch it tsk)

I quite like the peace sign, hehehe.

Army man 2

I was really lucky to get two orders in a go for army boyfriends! Hehehe. This time, I was ready with the correct paint, and mold for the beret! 

It's nice to make keychains, because I can take individual shots like this hehe. 

I'm gonna regret saying this, because I think it can't be unseen afterwards.....but the male's face looks like watermelon HAHAHAHAA. It's just that my figurine's faces are all kinda

Some WIP. You can see the watermelon shape clearer here..... *ahem*

The baby

It was the first time I was tasked with adding a baby to the mix, and I was also having mixed feeling about it. HOW WAS I SUPPOSE DO THAT??

It did took me a lot of test and trial, and the placement was really difficult - there was a lot of planning involved. But I made it! 

We even decided that the base to be like the glittery black tile in the reference photo, and I also glazed it with glaz to make the glitter shine out even more! 
I was really proud of that hehe. 

The checkered prints of their shirt would be too difficult to make, and it would have cost a lot more, so she decided the pink colour of the shirt would do for both! I still think it was adorable for them to dress up the same, even the baby was in a hot pink dress. Too cute!

Here's a haeadless baby! XD Apparently it was creepy to some people, but I kinda find it cute. HMMMM.

The Crepe

This was a trip to Korea that my customer went with her boyfriend! I thought it was really sweet of her to include the crepe that she had, with the clothes they were wearing on that day. That was what I wanted my figurines to be, capturing a memory that is special to them :')

The crepe was an add-on, and by itself it took quite a while to make! It was also TINY, and I had to make sure the size is proportionate to the figurine to a certain extent hahaha.

I do like how the jeans for the female looks like tho! Does look like a pair of jeans, eh?

The one where I fixed the head shape

Before this figurine, the head shape of the figurines I made were all kinda rounded. I realise that by making it a bit more oval shaped, it leaves more space for forehead, and thus making it look more proportionate! 

It was really amazing how such small thing matters, and I felt a lot better about my figurines after that! 

I also started getting props so I can take photos with my figurines with them, and use the sunlight to take photos! It makes a HUGE difference in my photo, so I make sure I take time to do it ^^

(Cat postcard from @troopsonprint on IG, and dried baby breathes from @myvalentinesg on IG!)

I always loved such decorative items, but I never knew what to do with them. Now they have a purpose (being props for my figurines hehe), I am more willing to spend money on them, and at the same time support local businesses! Win-win situation hurhur.

I love the first photo so much because of the baby breathes, which imo really make my photos so much nicer! And I used the photo for my FIRST EVER OFFICIAL NAMECARD FOR HANDXMADE! Hehehe. The namecard is design by my friend, Siang Joo. Do check out her works! 

The obligatory front, side, back shots, and also reference photo!

The sandal was definitely one of the interesting part I made for her order! It's not easy to make, but was definitely worth it! 

The transparent clay

(See what I mean by being in love with baby breathes? Hahaha. Can't believe that before this, I didn't know about the existence of dried flowers, and the fact that they can last at least a year! Really make your money's worth don't you think hahahahahahaha #cheapo)

I was really excited about this project, because I finally could try out the Transparent Clay I got when I was in Japan! 

I started the orders after my Japan trip, and it really was luck that I chanced upon the transparent clay when I was in Japan Tokyu Hands! 

I wrote a review about it on my Dayre, you can read it here.

Long story short, I regretted not getting more of this clay! It looks GORGEOUS for the bride's dress and veil!

It's a shame I can't post the reference photo, it was really dreamy and beautiful!

The female figurine looks a lot shorter than my other figurines, because in the reference photo, she's actually sitting down! 

Before I put on the veil however, I took photos of her hair, because it was the most complicated yet satisfactory hair I've ever made! 

I was really happy when I finished it :')

The veil! I really like how the transparent clay worked out for this project, especially the veil! If I were to use translucent clay...the effect will definitely be different, and it would have just looked opaque.

And here are the flowers!

I have no clue what the flowers are, but just made according to the colour and shape I see in the photos HAHAHA. I think it could have done better, but it being so tiny and all, this was the best I could do. I quite like it though! Definitely gave the whole figurine a dab of colours!

The dress is also made with transparent clay, albeit a bit more opaque. But it does give the dress a really soft look! A good idea for sheer clothes imo.

The cheerleaders

This actually took me WAY TOO LONG THAN I EXPECTED...

I tried using image transfer for this, but since it has a coloured just didn't do too well. Hence, I had to count on my painting skill hahahaa. 

They were SO SMALL!!

But in the end...I was quite happy with it hehehe. I'd better be, after spending so much time on it LOL.

Especially whn your pet love bird destroyed the figurines THREE TIMES and you have to keep redo-ing it T.T That was quite a traumatic experience sobs. I even have photos on it on my Dayre somewhere......

I thought it was really sweet to have a gymnastic mat as a base too! As I think it was probably the most important thing in their CCA :') 

It's so sweet to found your partner through the same passion!

The hair for the female was quite a feat too! She has apparently permed her hair for a performance, and I thought it was one of those things that would latch a memory on the figurine! Definitely made the whole figurine look great hehe.

There were SO MANY reference photos that it was really hard to keep track! But I rather have more reference photos than less, especially for figurines with so many details that I need to take note of!

I even painted the clothes wrongly once (talk about the amount of times I had to redo this...) because I got confused :'(

That was why after this, I made it a point to make a Dropbox paper document with all the information and reference photos inside, with notes, so that I can let my customer check if all information is correct, and it will also help me keep track of all reference photos!

Another hurdle to help me get a better grip for my business. 

After I was done with everything, I had to realigned the guy because he was slanted!!!! OMG. 

Sometimes it slides out while baking, and now I know that I need to make sure it stays, and actually found a way to do it, thank goodness. I was horrified when I saw it, and it was really pushing my buttons!! Glad I didn't break anything when I took the male out! Was really scared hahahaha. 

One last thing that really made me LOVE this figurine - the ribbon! Don't think that just because it's a small ribbon, it must have been easy. I thought so too. But I spent quite long trying to get it work. There's just so many ways to do it, that sometimes you gotta find the right way for yourself! Even had to make sure it was proportionate etc *phew*. All the test and trial was worthwhile. 

The one that made me tried the dipping method

I dragged this project for TOO LONG, because I couldn't get the matte finish right! Thank goodness her deadline was really far away. 

This was how the heartshape looked like when it was fresh out of the oven - the matte finish that I always try to achieve, while giving my figurine UV protection with my matte glaze. 

The glaze I was getting (Golden polymer varnish) was only available online, and I was waiting for MONTHS for the glaze to reach me!! T.T It was really frustrating. 

In the end...........there was actually a reseller in SG who takes in the Golden brand paints and more, AND THEY HAVE THE VARNISH I WANTED. IN STOCK! I dropped everything (literally) and went all the way down to visit the shop I never knew existed until then!! And I really thought I went to most of the art stores in SG already! You can read my Dayre entry here where I talked about the shop, Straits and co.! 

By then, I actually finished ALL my dayre orders, and was just waiting for the glaze! So when I got hold of them (I bought two huge bottle HAHAH), I IMMEDIATELY STARTED GLAZING!

I also had enough for the dipping method, thank goodness, because brushing the glaze on actually leaves streak marks, which was what stopped me from sending out the order. I'm really glad I waited, and that I could give my best for this project! 

The matte glaze with dipping method does give the end product the finish that looks like it was fresh out of the oven doesn't it? :') I LOVE MATTE FINISH SO MUCH.

This was also the first project that made us come up with the idea of a plate! My customer wanted to put their names on, so we thought of putting it on a plate, as the base was too thin and short for it.

I personally think that the gold border with gold for the words really give the whole figurines a classy look, and with the suit and dress from the figurines, it does give it their own vibe!

The dipping method is definitely what I will use from now on for glazing, and now I find myself not dread the glazing like before! *THANK GOODNESS*

The gloss glaze

This customer is actually a return customer, and I am really grateful for all her support! :') This time, I'm making some other idol, and not someone from the group Spexial though ;)

She wanted the figurines to be glossy though, and even though I really love these figurines....customer's request are the most important hahaha. I DO LOVE MY MATTE FINISH AS YOU CAN TELL.

I must say, the hair was quite fun to make, and does make the figurine super handsome, right? XD
Even the clothes too! This is definitely on of my favourite figurines hehee.

Wavy wavy

She also ordered this! 

Initially I wanted to use image transfer for the imprints, but in the end, painting was much better because it was much vibrant... Image transfer really only works better on white background :(

I think it went pretty well though, AND OMG THE HAIR. 

The hair is the same size as his head, and I am not even exaggerating!! Look at the reference photo hahaa. It's like, anime hair! I genuinely wonder if it's heavy and how much wax was used....

The strong female

I know I say this all the time, but this figurine was the most difficult I've encountered so far, because of the fragile parts! X.X

The story goes like this: She saw the figurine on the left which reminded her of her boyfriend and her, so she wanted to recreate that position, but this time with the figurines of her and her boyfriend instead! (The reference photo on the right is the dress she wants the figurine to wear hehe)

That's the magic of custom order, you can do anything you want! 

And I'm to make sure that my customer get what she want! :')

I actually made sure that there was a wire in between the two body that were joined, as the female itself won't be able to hold the male just by her hands -  it was too risky, so I had to have some precaution. The female also has a wire through the base to her body, so both were secured!

For the male, because his arms isn't by his side, I also had to make sure it would stay! So wire it is hehehe. This figurine actually required the most preplanning the most, and I also love how the male's eyes were like an emoji! It really does make him look like he's enjoying himself right? Hehehe.

It was also the first time I tried making a kissy lips on my figurine, and I'm very happy to say that  I'm quite proud of it! Huehuehue. 

Overall, a good learning experience, and definitely one of my proudest end product! 

That's all the TWELVE orders I've gotten through Dayre when I was Editor's Pick! :')

I've learn so much from all these orders, all the things I've mentioned throughout this post, and even things like time management (DO NOT ACCEPT 12 ORDERS IN A GO HAHAHAHAA I LITERALLY SPENT MONTHS ON IT), pricing (needed to make sure I can survive and even save with the income I get) and things I needed to improve on, like FAQ section and my forms! 

It has been a great experience, and I think because of all of you who ordered, and everyone on Dayre who was so supportive, that I can truly believe in my work.

This is very important, and life changing for me. 

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart


A retirement gift for Beiersdorf AG’s senior management member, Dr Schmidt! 

Some parts of the photos are mosaicked due to copyright and trademarks issues, which is a shame because they're image transfers (that I rarely work with) and they're such a beauty. But I still would like to show everyone the overall product! 

I've always wanted to make my figurines and framed it up, and am so glad that this project helped me to achieve it so quickly! Well my idea was a bit different, more like miniature furniture, but this is still a really good idea, especially for figurines! :D

If you've been following me on my Dayre, you will know that I'm also working as a Part Time Assistant for Jocelyn from AiClay. She was the one who handover this project to me because they requested a figurine and she thought of me :')

I had so much fun with this project, even though it was something really new to me! It was my first time putting a figurine in a frame, and I had to:

  1. Create the mock up to ensure that both my client and I know what she wants, and that to make sure there is no miscommunication.
  2. Create the backdrop from scratch with photoshop.

  3. Making sure the backdrop FITS the frame!

  4. Making the items with image transfer on polymer clay to ensure the near perfect picture (lots of preparation and test & trial, I had to make sure they were the correct size with inverted image etc)

  5. Make the wooden frame from scratch (this part was really enjoyable!! I love handling wood)

  6. Making sure the figurine can fit into the depth of the frame, which was only 1.5cm! It's really hard to find a frame with a deep depth, and so glad it worked out.

There was tons of mock up and the last one which was the 8th version, was the perfect one! :D I really didn't mind doing all the mock ups to ensure that my client gets exactly what she wants, as long as it's before I started the work. 

Here you can see the gorgeous and even glow from the glossy eyes 😀  I used Padico's UV resin and it's the first time I'm using UV resin! I absolutely love it. 😍  Normal resin needs more than 12 hours to cure, but with UV light, the UV resin will be cured in less than 15min! Also, I could adjust the resin as much as I want without fearing it would dry up halfway hahaa.

A #WIP of Dr. Ulrich, without the hair! Many of my figurines looks funny without hair, but this one still looks pretty good! 😌  Everything is made with 100% polymer clay, even the eyes!

I am really proud of this and it's my best work so far! 

To be honest, all my work at that point of time is always my best work so far, but I think that's good. It's good because it shows that I'm always improving, and that is always a good sign that I'm heading towards the right direction. 😊

Thank you Jocelyn for giving me the chance to do this, and Eileen for liaising with me and being very clear about what you want! 


A custom order from a friend who wanted to support me! :') 

She didn't want a figurine but a ball of hydrangeas instead, and when I told her I've never tried it before, she just asked me to give it a try! 

DSC02990 copy.jpg

I was so worried that it'd turn out back, but it wasn't as bad as I feared hahaha. 

The flowers could definitely be better though, but I do think that using airdry clay would be much, much easier! Maybe I should grab some again and give it a try. I really dislike using airdry clay though because they always try up on me despite wrapping it up properly and putting it in an airtight container :|

A not-so-nice looking photo of how it looks like when worn! 

I really like the twine feeling for a necklace, but I don't think the hydrangeas was heavy enough so it looks kinda floating hmmmm. Need more improvement on that part too.

I recently got another packaging for my works, and I think I like this much better! :D

It's sturdier than my brown paper bags, and looks aesthetically nicer too. I wrap the cotton cloth around it when I package it! Wonder if there's a better alternative for that...I believe there is, just need to open my eyes more and get more ideas :)

But for now, I'm really satisfied with this current packaging! Sadly it can only be used for local meet ups. For mailing I have to use a tougher box.

Finding the right packaging to me is a long journey, and I'll always look for better alternatives! I certainly hope I can find a good one for my products. (Soon)


DSC02235 copy.jpg

Another custom order for a figurine of Yahui!

Here's the reference photo! Now, the new part of this custom order is in the next photo:

Look at the back of her hair- it's a messy bun! *gasps* I've never tried it before and honestly I don't know how I would do it either. But like almost everything, I just had to do it and not think so much.

DSC02227 copy.jpg

Here it is! It does look pretty messy isn't it XD

One of my favourite part of making a figurine is creating the hair, and I'm so glad I can try and make so many hairstyles! Hopefully more to come. :)


First of all, happy new year everyone! :)

I hope 2015 was as exciting to everyone as it was to me- since I started handxmade and was stressed like hell, mostly issues regarding $$$ OTL

Anyway, recently I've been posting much more on my Dayre, so there will be less personal things on this blog, and there will only be updates about my creations here instead. 

Do head to to see more WIP, and read about my musings, rants (lol) and daily life as an amateur miniature sculptor. :) There's also a lot of updates of my bird, buibui, over there too XD

For my 2016 resolution, I've made a point to upload a completed craft piece (if possible) each day. #craftoftheday ;) I hope that this will keep helping me improve and keep me inspired. ABSOLUTELY NO SLACKING THIS YEAR!!! 

I will update #craftoftheday photos and thoughts about each craft piece here weekly every sunday, excluding custom orders since I'll be posting more in depth photos of it in individual post. So the amount of creations in #craftoftheday posts on handxmade might vary. Hence, I think instagram might be a better place to follow if you want to see each #craftoftheday craft piece in order!

I've already started since two days ago, so if you want quick updates, do head to my instagram

Now to get to the point (finally xm tsk). Here's a custom order!

This order was really fun to make, because of the hair and shirt XD MUSHROOM HEAD!! 

The figurine is actually portraying an actress in one of her characters, and she's located in Singapore. Here's the reference photo!

Photo 28-12-15, 4 17 51 PM.jpg

So adorable haha. I couldn't really make her hand go over her head because the hair and head on the figurine is too big LOL. I think it's quite impossible to make hands go over the head in my figurines because it would look not proportionate in my opinion.

I made the body bigger than usual here because in the show, she acted as someone who is chubby so she actually stuffed her clothes with things! It's really my first time doing this haha. I like her boobies and booty here ;)

A close up of the shirt! One of the things I really love to do is to imitate the clothes, and this was a joy to make ^^

This customer ordered three figurines, so I'll be uploading the respective posts when I upload them for #craftoftheday! :)


Anyone here who's an avid fan of emoticons and loves Kakao Talk???? Hehehehehehe. 

Okay to be fair, I actually don't like to use Kakao Talk partly because I'm not exactly fond of changing my 'lifestyle' (lol) and I don't like the extra spaces in Kakao Talk so to speak. I do agree the emoticons there are really cute, but I prefer the simplicity of WhatsApp.








(Thanks ET for double checking the name for me on Kakao Talk HAHAHAHAHA)


Photo screenshot from Kakao Talk and cropped.

Photo screenshot from Kakao Talk and cropped.

This is yet another order from a friend of mine, and she ordered it as a Christmas present for her partner! (Which explains why I'm only posting this on Christmas hehe)

DSC01986 copy.jpg

Here's my clay work with that photo as a reference! :D






DSC01985 copy.jpg

I also made mini ones! These wasn't in the order though, I just thought it will be cute, since she will be keeping one and passing the other one to her partner (awwwewewewww couplecouple). I thought it might look empty and lonely so I made these to go with it when they're separated. 

Like this:

The mini ones are quite fragile though thanks to the tiny hands and legs... But they're realllllly adorable hehe.

This is actually my first time doing something this huge. Huge to me because it's one whole block. So...biggest "block" I've made??? The figurines I've done are around the same height, but they consist of different "blocks" to make up of that height. 

To save clay and make sure I got the correct size, I used aluminium foil. But the bad part about that is that it holds on to the shape of the aluminium foil, hence I had to sand it for HOURS (not even joking) to make it completely round and smooth. 

Thanks to the sandpaper, there was a lot of scratches, so I had to paint them (I really didn't want to do that sigh). 

I also had problem with the glazes...there were brush marks and stuff like that and it dried with white marks (mixed it wrongly etc). I had to clean off everything and repaint, reglaze. THE GLAZE MADE ME SOOOOOO MAD RAWR. 

But in the end it went well. This is the first time I tried making something like this and honestly I took way too long than expected. I guess at least now I have a gauge. :)


Bust figurine. Is it what this kind of figurines are called? When I consulted Uncle G(oogle), it showed me photos of those ancient greek statues..and they are definitely much more realistic. And huge. 

But my idea was to make a cartoonized version of them (like my other small, full body figurines) so I was pretty satisfied with this. 

This is also double the height of my usual figurine and initially I was doubting myself whether can I do it or not. The base size was about the size of my hand or a little bit bigger! Not exactly very miniaturish, but I'm glad I took it anyway!

I really like the base I chose for this project. It really gives a very homely feeling in my opinion. 

DSC02003 copy.jpg

I also had some problem with the scarf, believe it or not. It actually look like she had a snake on her at some point. BUT I MANAGED TO FIX IT.

I also really like how I applied the eyebrows here. Maybe I'll do the same for my other future figurines. The face also took really long because it's the first time I tried making the face muscles, shaping them and blending. Same for the nose! Once again, I learnt SO MUCH from this project and am so glad I took it.

It took me 4 DAYS to complete everything (I'm not even joking). I only had about a week or so to complete it, and it was a pretty rushed job. But I made sure I was satisfied with everything before I hand it over to my customer.

I undercharged this project without realising (like my other works but this was waaaaaaaaay worse lol) (can you believe I also FORGOT TO CHARGE FOR THE CAT OMG) but I guess at least now I'll have a gauge for this sort of project! Always a first in everything. :)

Maybe my expectations are just over the top..gotta charge accordingly, xm. 

And of course not forgetting to charge some things. *facepalm*

Zoom in on the cat! 

This was version 2. Version 1 was HORRIBLE and I spent so long on it trying to save it. But sometimes redo-ing the whole thing works way better. 

You can head to my Dayre Day 343 to see Version 1, and also more work-in-progress photos of the figurine.

Here's the reference photos that were sent to me. As usual, mosaic for privacy purpose. 

You can see I tried to mimic the black roots too for the female's hair haha.

My customer drew this as a reference for me too. QUITE GOOD IMO. I can never draw anything like this haha.

One last photo with Buibui. Hehe. He was scuttling around when I was taking photos so cute. ^^


Now before you get confused with the title, let me explain what I mean by "first".

Handxmade just started less than a year, and honestly, I haven't really do much. I still learn something new every time I start to clay, and usually it's a crucial thing that I probably should have known right in the yes I'm still a beginner imo.

Despite that, friends are ordering from me, and giving me support. 

However, recently I got an order from someone who I've never met in my whole life ordering from me.


I actually didn't know that someone submitted the form because somehow google form didn't send me an email notification, but an email asking me to SWITCH ON the notification. Which I think was sent to me BECAUSE there was a submission and they're asking me to switch it on??? I don't know D: I only went to check because my friend ordered from me and she told me she submitted the form, and of course I didn't receive any notification..........

Worse part was, there was a dateline and I wasted one week BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A FORM SUBMISSION T.T 

I managed to finish it about a week before the deadline though HAHA. It was a lesson learnt nonetheless. CHECK WHENEVER THERE'S AN EMAIL FROM GOOGLE LOL.

Anyway, after passing her the figurines, there were more people who wanted to order from me, and they were all strangers :') I'm so grateful that she likes it and shared it on social media. Just one post from Instagram/Dayre and I received more followers and orders. Thank you so much Zhiqing!! 

Now on to the figurines! 

I think I improved a lot compared to the past figurines whenever I look at them. Quite proud and happy about them! Lots to improve on especially the face but I'm pretty satisfied as of now. I think this is the feeling I should get whenever I make something. IMPROVEMENT, CHECKED. SATISFACTORY, CHECKED.

Comparison with my palm!

Another thing that I should improve on is probably my photography skills HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sigh.

I am going to show the photos that were send to me as reference. Now, these are personal photos (.... ok not exactly but) so I mosaicked the face for privacy purpose. The following photos without watermarks are not mine.   

Psst, she's actually a Mediacorp actress and she has a twin! ;)

I think this last one is my favourite! I think the dress was quite spot on hehehe. (selfpraise sia stahp)

A comparison from the very first figurine I made. They're a tad bit smaller and much more proportionate, which is always a good thing. 

Alright, that's it for this order! I'll update the next order when the recipients receives their items :) I try not to post anything up when the dateline isn't up yet..just in case they see it. So there'll definitely be more updates to come! 


After being MIA for so long, I finally, FINALLY, got back to claying. This time, finishing up what I left.

One of my coursemate from polytechnic ordered three cats and one dog. I remember the first thing I thought was "whaaaaaaaaaat how are you taking care of them??!?" FOUR ANIMALS IN A HOUSE MAN. 

I feel really bad because I left her orders hanging. I recently moved out at that time, and had to practically drown myself with part time jobs to survive. Also, it was the first time I'm making animals and it was really tough for me. I've failed at least four times. And I guess I was just so disappointed in myself every time I fail and then can't bear to touch clay for the next few days. (I know, so weak. I know.) 

She ordered these on April and now it's Oct... I left it for FOUR MONTHS?!!! My god.

But now that I'm gonna work on it almost full time, this will not, and shall not happen ever again.


The final result!!! *happysobs*

My photography skills still sucks despite the good camera and crash course about shutter speed, aperture and ISO from my bf. Need to practice more and.....maybe some photo editing hahahahaha.

Anyway, I got permission from my friend to upload the photos she sent me for comparison!

Photo 17-4-15, 3 18 01 PM.jpg

The description for the animals. I tried my best to make the size relative to each of them, so the white cat is fattest etc. 

White cat and white doggy! (I think it's super cool that her cat has two different colours for its eyes!!!!!)

The first animal I tried to do was the white cat, since it was probably the easiest among four of them...right?? NOPE. The white cat was the one which made me all I-can't-do-this-what-am-I-suppose-to-do-now-I'm-a-failure hahahaha. I think it's just the fact that it's my first time attempting an animal. But still.....

So from the top left, that was actually the first one I ever did. It was too..realistic??? I wanted to sculpt the fur but it's not the look I wanted, and the head itself was already too big for my liking.

The top right photo looks horrible... I couldn't shape the mouth properly I think. The problem with this is that it has to look okay in all angles, and from the photo, the front looks terrible hahaha. Looks more like an alien..

Bottom left, I was probably more satisfied with this. Sizing was okay, but when I did the eyes, I realised it looked too scary. HAHAHAA.

The bottom left cat in the bottom left pic was the first one that I thought looked acceptable, and I actually wanted to give it as that. But buibui bit the glaze off one of its ears while I hang it to dry (lol) so I redid it, and this time improving the ears too, so all was good.

Tabby cat and black cat! 

Actually, once I got the first white cat going, the other cats were okay to do, except the tabby cat. I was like "OH MY G O D HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DO ITS FUR AHHHHHHHHHHH" But I managed it in the end phew. 


Okie let's see the animals I finally managed to whip actually a day LOL (once I got the ball rolling nothin' can stop meh)

White cat! I think the fluffy tail and fluffy ears was nubbad. (More on that later)

I think black cat was the easiest and quickest to make, but it was tough trying to make more things stand out. Like his nose...can't really paint it black can I, when the cat's already black. So I painted the nose and eyebrows grey muahaha.

Picture's a bit blur..but yes, tabby cat is white and everything else is painted on. I had fun painting it but took quite a bit of test and trial too... (Good thing is paint mostly can be overpainted ahahaha)

Yes I made the yarn ball for the photo don't judge me pls hahahaha. I tried using the yarns I have to make a mini yarn ball but the yarns I have are all either too thick or easily torn, so I just used clay hahahaa. It's not very well made though, I know it could be better as long as I figure out how to do it...

(yes I made a dog bone just for the picture too. I guess I won't blame you if you judge)



Honestly, I was quite worried about the doggy, since it's very furry...and it's probably really skinny and all fur. Since I've already tried sculpting fur and failed miserably (white cat), I didn't even attempt it on doggy. I was thinking maybe I could just keep it simple like the cats, and add some clay bits to add as fur instead.

So I thought maybe to make the transition smoother I could use liquid clay. And since I'll need white colour...I shall just pour in some white paint. 

Then for some reason, the consistency was....quite sticky and stretchy!! So I quickly put on doggy and I thought "hey this might be just the thing!!!" and then I proceed to put all over it's body. 

It was good too because it was really easy to make the brown fur, just mix in some brown. (That's also when I realised the amount of the liquid clay and paint changes the consistency, since it became less 'sticky' after I added in more brown paint.) 

I really feel so proud of myself at that point of time. I COULD EVEN MAKE EYEBROWS WITH THE LIQUID CLAY ISN'T IT GREAT HAHAA (if you can see it) 

I also did the same thing for the furriness of the white cat hehehe. To be truthful, I forgot about the furry ears after I baked the white cat, so I was leaving it until the last. But I did doggy like that, so decided to do the same too! It's easier to manipulate anyway muahaha.


This was such a good experience, and I actually learnt a new skill! *level up*
Thank you Qing for being so patient and understanding. I don't know how many times I apologised to you regarding the delays but you always brush it off and give me encouragement. <3

I'm really so lucky. 

That's all for this batch! My next order is about 90% done, so will update this space when I take more photos ^^



I was scrolling through one night and I saw this post:

I really dislike this kind of title but because it was about craft, I read it anyway. And I was so, so inspired by Grace. 

I then went to stalk her on instagram (ha, not shy at all to admit HAHA) and there was one post where she talked about her insecurities and negativity (go to her instagram and read if you want ;>), which really hit me hard. This person is almost exactly the same as me in terms of thought process. 

I'm quite a negative person, and of course, being realistic is better than being negative, but you know, it's hard. Even though I KNOW I have to be realistic, I still expect a lot from myself, and I am always, ALWAYS, very unhappy about my craft works, It's very hard to reach the point where I go "THIS IS IT" and when I do I stay happy all day long and I feel satisfied. But when things go wrong, I always end up trying TOO HARD to make it 'right'. And trying too hard for anything means it's not going to work out. Now that I know that about myself, I'm trying to stop myself and just rest for the day. But it really affects me. And when someone else comments about some things, I get annoyed, but it usually isn't target to that person though. It's because I KNOW it's not perfect, and I KNOW everything you're saying. But I can't get it. That's where the frustration usually is. 

After reading her post, honestly, I really want to get to know her myself. I secretly wish we could be friends, so we can support each other and give encouragement. Especially when you understand how someone else feels. Having the same mindset sometimes really helps, because in my opinion, most of the time you just need acceptance and understanding. Not really a solution. 

So I was THICK SKINNED ENOUGH to direct message her on instagram and chatted with her a little regarding the frustration stuff. And suddenly I thought of making her a bag out of polymer clay of her own design. 

I want handxmade to be somewhere people look for when they want to create memories of something precious to them. Something that was an important part of their life, or still is. Something that they're proud of. Where they can look at and say "I did this", "this was mine". 

And gsews is doing exactly what she wants to do, what she loves. She risked her 'future' that her education might have given her for this, but she probably doesn't regret it. Bravery.

I asked her whether it was okay, and I told her I won't charge her. I really just wanted to do it. AND TRUTHFULLY SPEAKING, I wanted to make it as detailed as possible, and it'll be yet another first. Like I said, I don't want to be giving something to someone when I feel that it might be even a tad bit not satisfactory. (sigh perfectionist) 

And this is the end result.

I think it looks decent- FROM AFAR. LOL. If you really look at it carefully, it isn't very good. :( AS EXPECTED SIGH. I spend almost 7 hours on this I think, just testing and trying. Especially I was trying to get the texture on the clay as similar to the real one itself, the zip etc. THE CHECKERED INSIDE WAS QUITE TEDIOUS AS I HAD TO PUT THE SQUARES TOGETHER. I mean, I probably could have painted it......but yeah..... I even tried to make the zip but it wasn't very well done either.... 

Here's the picture Grace passed to me as reference for the clay bag! :) I REALLY LOVE HOW THE OUTSIDE LOOK. If you like what you see, do go to her website, to order!! It's currently under revamp though, SO YOU CAN GO TO HER INSTAGRAM and wait for updates while you ogle at her gorgeous HANDMADE BAGS, HANDMADE. Gosh.

More photos of the bag at other angles. The backstrap is leaned towards the right D: SIGHHHHHHHHH. 

Oh well. It really was a great experience though and I'm really grateful that she allowed me to make this. ^^