Time really flies! It's already the start of February, and I have already made more than 30 craft piece thanks to this #craftoftheday resolution! This is really quite amazing. 

I do hope I can keep this up, and I'd still be able to post one craft piece up every day even when I have lots of custom orders! :D

This week there was a lot of AiClay's tutorial craft pieces, which I will sum up when I'm done with all the tutorial. I will be reviewing Pocket Kitchen with the photos, so let's review those that aren't from AiClay Pocket Kitchen tutorials! :)

Another Gudetama! Hehehe. This time, on a piece of bread!

I think I made the bread a bit too thin....next time I shall do better hehe.

Next, it's a birthday gift for one of my friend when I was still working as a part time accountant:

Jocelyn really likes Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, so I made her one with it sitting on a base with her name, making it really customised!

The name could definitely be improved though, and I believe the next one would be neater. :D

Also made a little heart here hehe.

This is also painted with watercolour too, and I think the effect was pretty good on Stitch! :)

Quite a number of people has been asking me about BB-8, and I don't think I would want to sell anything that is licensed, like Marvel, Disney.. But if it's a custom order like this, with customised name on some part of the item, and you will not be able to get it anywhere but from me with a slightly different style from the original piece.....I think I would consider it.

I still would need to do some research about this though, so forgive me if I can't seem to do any custom order for such things.

That's all for this week (I know, there's only two) but I think I would be able to review pocket kitchen really soon, so there'll be lots of miniature food photos soon! ;)


This week I could finally catch up with my crafting and I was crafting non-stop from Monday to Friday! I LOVE IT HAHAA.

BB-8! I'm so glad I did this :') It was really tough to find reference photo for all the side of the body though, and because I like to be specific, I just had to find all that I could for the 6 different prints in the 6 circles!

Hahaha look at the amount of reference photos my goddddd.

But the toughest part wasn't to find the reference photos, but making the item itself definitely. The BB-8 you see is probably the 4th one I made......

The first few I burnt them because 1. I forgot to cover the item with aluminium pan, 2. The temperature was just set wrongly (160 degrees instead of 130 degrees, forgot to change it back after heating up pizza HAHAHA). 

The third one, I tried to do it with watercolour but because I kept touching it before it completely dried, the orange colour was smudged D:

A really bad photo I took to show ET how bad it was haha. 

HOW CAN I CALL THIS A COMPLETED CRAFT PIECE??? Even though everything was painted nicely, just smudged... :| I thought I might be able to pull this off as a dirty BB-8 since it was quite dirty in the adventures in Star Wars....BUT NOPE. I won't be able to live with myself if I do that haha.

This look soooo much better!! Here is BB-8's different side for my own future reference and also for other people who might wanna try and make this :D

Opps just realised there's no photo for the pattern right at the bottom of the head! You can see it on the last reference photo, the one on the top right! :)

Now, the reason why I can show all side of BB-8 with BB-8's face facing one way is because I can actually move the body!!! 

(I apologise for my unsightly finger with a cut...sometimes I wish I've got nice fingernails and hands...) 

There's a magnet in the head and body, so both parts can be attached! One of the reason I wanted to make BB-8 was to test this particular magnet- SmCo (Samarium Cobalt), and see if it really can stay magnetic even after going through the oven with polymer clay's required baking time!

I'm relieved to say that it works wonderfully and it's still really strong! Even though it's much pricier than the usual magnets. I guess you do pay for the quality! 

A short video of the BB-8 made with polymer clay to show how strong the magnet is in real time :)

Posted by HANDXMADE on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This took a few days to make and it was quite frustrating, but I'm glad I got it right in the end, and I'm so proud of it I even wore it as an accessory! :)

I put a lobster clasps instead of a ring so that I can switch between my #craftoftheday works if I want to hehe. 


Alright, the next #craftoftheday item is..... *drumroll*


For those of you who don't know what's a Gudetama.........here's a video to summarise some of the best videos (albeit pointless) hahaha.

Gudetama is a new character from Sanrio, which also designed kawaii Japanese characters like Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and more! As you can see, it has so many short clips and there's so many compilation! At the end of the video there's even a song hahahahaha. It's basically just a lazy egg yolk- that's about it!

"Sanrio's egg-turned-mascot character gets its name from a combination of the words “gude“(pronouced goo-deh), which is a Japanese onomatopoeia for describing something or someone with no energy or strength, and “tama” from the word tamago, which means egg in Japanese." - Uncle Google

I wonder who came up with this hahahahahhahaha the videos are REALLY, REALLY POINTLESS. But it's soooooo annoyingly cute!

One of the most distinctive features of Gudetama is its butt! So bounceh and....naked hahaa. I think my Gudetama could be improved! Can see myself making more of this character in the future. :D


Now this next #craftoftheday craft piece...

A Stormtrooper helmet! Before the Star War craze ends hahahaha.

This was actually harder to make than I expected. Even though it looks really simple, it actually is really detailed!

If you look at the side view, you can see how it has to be a bit slanted, how the bottom of the helmet has to look like, and it has to be proportionate! It took me a surprisingly long time than what I expected to finish this! I'm really proud of this though, and maybe I'll wear it out as an accessory too- if ET doesn't take it from me hehe. 

I always prefer matte glaze, however, gloss glaze was the most apt for these few pieces and they look great in this context! To me, human figurines would look tacky if it's glazed with gloss glaze haha. 

This week, during the weekends, I started posting my rendition of AiClay's tutorials in her Pocket Kitchen! Pocket Kitchen is a kit which includes EVERYTHING you need to make miniature food with polymer clay- and yes, THERE'S POLYMER CLAY INSIDE THE KIT TOO! She even includes more than 10 tutorials! It was such a steal! I invested in it even though I already had tools to make polymer clay, but there's something special inside that I've been using ever since I got it! 

I'll be posting a full blog post with all my rendition of her tutorials and also my thoughts and review of Pocket Kitchen! Meanwhile, if you want to know more about pocket kitchen, do head to her website and check it out!





Hahaha yes. He's so supportive of me that he even ordered from me and I truly appreciate it. Of course I gave him a discount, which he type in himself on the discount code: "BOYFRIEND" hahahahaa. 

Here are the reference photo for this project! (All reference photos are from Uncle Google)

This is the scene that he wanted me to replicate!

More reference photos that I grabbed from google myself. 

I've only watched Star Wars Episode 7 which was released recently with ET, and I absolutely loved it!! Maybe I'll watch the previous episode soon haha. The summary ET gave me was enough for me to make sense of the movie though. AND YES. WHO DOESN'T LIKE BB8. HUH HUH. SUCH A DARLING. 

Darth Vader was hard to make in my opinion because of the mask haha. I had to make the legs standing apart unlike the usual standing straight legs because they were in a duel and all. I love the cape a lot! And the glossy helmet haha. The gloss is very apt for this character XD

In my opinion I think Luke was tougher because of the face! And he doesn't have a cape so the legs will be super obvious.

The back drop I painted with watercolour! I like this a lot hehe. 

Here's the completed item with the backdrop! I love it as it really does feel like it's telling a story. ET didn't order the watercolour backdrop though I did it myself just for the sake of it haha.

More photoooooos :D

Here's a comparison with my hand. It's really not very big! ET wanted it to be a decoration piece since he doesn't use keychains. But I think for this sort of stuff, being a decoration piece would be much better, as it definitely will last forever!


This week was pretty hectic for me as I have freelance video operator events to work for. Waking up 5am for three days consecutively and not eating much for the first two days really take a toll on me. 

However, since I started my resolution, I wanted to make sure I post something up everyday and I'm glad I was able to do that even when I wasn't crafting! 

I know I said that I'll be posting a blog post for #craftoftheday every sunday, but I went out to Cat Safari on that day! You can head to my Dayre Post to read more :D

There were 4 custom orders for #craftoftheday this week, so here's the other craft pieces!  

I wanted to make a no face (Kaonashi) for quite some time and I finally did it thanks to my resolution hehe. This was really tiny, and the face details were quite tough to paint! The watercolour effect could be seen much better here!

I started painting quick watercolour background to go with my random craft piece, because I was quite sick of the dull, white background HAHAHA. 

It looks very kiddy, no shadows and it's just not very well done, but I think it tells a better story for each craft piece! This still takes time though, but I enjoyed making it hehe.  

The next craft piece is these TOTOROS! I've actually crocheted these for my teacher when I was still dabbling in the craft side.  

This is the blog post for it: http://doubleoxm.blogspot.sg/2013/10/totoros.html.

This is my old blog though, and I'm keeping it for things like this haha. You can also see the crochet patterns I made under the crochet tab. Hahaha. The photo looks terrible what was I thinking hahahahahaha.

I STILL haven't watch the Totoro movie NOW and I'm making clay versions of it HAHAHA.

These were from a pattern online, and honestly I think I was very ambitious even in the past. I stopped crocheting because I refused to keep using other people's pattern and made some patterns of my own. But it took a lot of time to create the patterns and crochet itself is a very time consuming thing to do! 

After I realised that polymer clay exist, I've stopped crocheting/knitting altogether. #guilty. I have so many knitting needles and crochet hooks and they're just sitting there untouched...

I digress! 

Now that I think about it, I should have made the grey Totoro at least two times bigger than the current size haha.

The next craft piece is Whisper from the 3DS game, Yokai Watch! This game is one of the best RPG games I've ever played, and I actually finished the main story of the game without realising I'm going so fast! 

The side quests are actually really interesting and best thing is they're not overwhelming like some other RPGs. The graphics are terrific, and I love how it's so well planned! There's even toilets and stuff in supermarts XD

If you have a 3DS you really have to check Yokai Watch out!!! IT'S SO UNDERRATED TSK.

For this craft piece, I tried to imitate the shadows since Whisper is white in colour. The mouth, eyes, everything is watercoloured...I think it doesn't look as nice. Maybe I'll only make watercolour series for things that has colours on their body, and make the eyes etc acrylic paint like usual. hmmmmm.

Alright, that's all for #craftoftheday. I need to buck up and make more crafts!! Used up a lot of them during the past few days when I didn't craft and was working and resting.. :| More to come soon! :D