If you read my previous post, you would have seen a completed custom order. However, it wasn't the case in the beginning and I actually failed in the beginning :|

He initially ordered a bear and a koala bear instead of figurines, but also wanted them to sit on the bench. 

Obviously it didn't work :(

I even made indents on the bear before I bake it so that it would stick better, but turns out my customer thought that the bear wasn't really sitting on the chair properly. 

Which I could see why! The bear was a little hunched, so if I were to put it a bit upwards it'd be too hunched :< 

I also thought that the koala was a bit too big in contrast to the bear (even though they're actually already very small) 

It was my first time making these two animal, and making one hug the another was even more tough. I was almost really stressed out!!! D:

(You can see the indents on the bear here haha) 

I do like the bear though :D

That's why I made a tutorial for this bear! 

Anyway, in the end I told him I couldn't make it for the deadline and I could refund him, but he really wanted to get something from me for the anniversary (which I really appreciate) hence the figurines! :)

I still made a stand for the koala and bear though because I won't be needing them, but it still means something to them. I don't know what happened to this, but I'm glad at least they're in good hands now! :)


A return customer (and I am proud to say she is the first customer that wasn't someone I know, like a friend or something hahaha) ordered from me more figurines! :D

You can read about her first order here. ^.^

She always has really interesting (tough, but interesting) reference photos for me to make the figurines out of, and it's always a good challenge.

DSC03178 copy.jpg

I call this the flower girl because she has a flower hair wreath on! And her clothes feels very flowery too. 

She ordered two of the same, and wanted gloss glaze for all her figurines!! I kept asking her if she's sure about it HAHAHA I think she can totally see how much I dislike gloss glaze for figurines *guilty* but gloss glaze does work well on certain things like eyes, because they have water content! It makes the whole body looks oily in my opinion....

In the end she gave in to me hahahaha and decided to go for matte. She said she wanted to try out and see how gloss glaze looks like, that's why she ordered gloss! So I told her since you have two of the same figurine why not put one as gloss then? And she agreed! :D So now you can see the difference of matte glaze vs gloss glaze! Which one do you prefer? ;)

Here's the reference photo! I swear the shirt was really the toughest, since it's wavy and all *phew*

I think I finally got the heels right (even though this is only the 2nd time i'm doing it hahahaa) The legs and body are too skinny compared to the feet though hmmm need to work on that too!

Here's a close up of the roses! 

The roses are actually quite easy to make, and I made a tutorial for it! :D

I still think if it's airdry resin clay it will be easier, but for those who prefers polymer clay more than air dry clay, here's an alternative! :)

I even have multi-coloured petals like in the reference photo! :D The roses looks better in matte though. Even though this is matte glaze, there's a layer of gloss at the bottom as a base glaze, so matte actually looks more like satin. Still gotta work on that, maybe thicker matte glaze and not watered down one? (my glaze requires me to water down)

Next it's this "Blue Fairy"! Also a name I came up with myself just so I can differentiate hahahaha, 



I also tried to make the flowing cloths that makes her look so fabulous XD It does look like fairy wings, right??! #weirdthingsIcompareto

She initially wanted this as a keychain too, but I was recommended it as a decorative piece instead as the cloth might be fragile. 

I make the floating cloths with dukit clay since they're much more durable and bendable after baking! I can't believe Singapore doesn't sell dukit clay actually, it's such a good brand! I really is less prone to baking and I love it so much.

I'm actually interested in bringing in the clay....hmmm...

In my new packaging! :)

I really love how the figurines fits in in the box nicely ♥.♥

This too! 

I forgot to measure the base BUT IT FIT IN THANK GOODNESS HAHAHA. Need to be careful in the future *whoops*

Thank you so much Zhiqing for ordering from me again!