This week was basically a Chinese New Year week for us Singaporean Chinese! :)

I don't really celebrate because our family wasn't really the type to go full on- just a simple reunion dinner with our family! If you want to know more about what Chinese New Year mean to me, you can head here to read what I wrote regarding that topic. 

During Chinese New Year and visiting, the younger ones (AKA those who hasn't got married) will receive an Ang Bao from adults (AKA married), which is Red Packets! These red packets will have money inside, but usually as a form of gesture. Of course people with rich relatives would usually receive more, but it's the gestures that counts in my opinion. 

So to mark the occasion, I made some miniature ang baos! 


I even made little packets that these Red Packets come in! :D

The design was found on google, so credits to whoever designed it! But I made the flaps and the back and actually piece and glued them together so it really looks like an ang pao packet! :D

I learnt quite a bit from using Photoshop from this project too! I do hope I'll be able to make more packaging and stuff in the near future with this skill. 


Now during Chinese New Year, whenever we go visiting, we have to bring two mandarin oranges to the said person's house, and exchanging those two oranges we brought with theirs!

The reason mandarin oranges are such an important part of CNY is because these mandarin oranges in Chinese sounds similar to the word "luck" and orange sounds like the Chinese word for "wealth". Through the play of words, the Chinese is associating the gift of orange and tangerine as having an abundance of happiness and prosperity! (Source: http://traditions.cultural-china.com/en/214T11982T14619.html)

Hence I made a miniature piece of oranges! Love the slightly glazed look on the miniature that real oranges have hehe. 

I also glued two ang bao packets at the back! You can see the folds here haha. These ang bao packets definitely give it the decoration piece a CNY feeling and changes the whole theme! It's a wonder how these little things makes everything different.

This were given to my mum as a gift!

I also made a pair of mandarin earrings for my mum, just because! It's also a pair, like how you would bring to one's house during visiting! ;)

During Chinese New Year, there's also a lot of goodies that only pops out during that period! This is a Kueh Lapis (or Kek Lapis) that I learnt how to make in one of AiClay's CNY goodies workshop! 

Photo taken from AiClay.com

Photo taken from AiClay.com

This workshop! 

Yes, I also learnt how to make the oranges here too! But mine has a darker green stem and is glazed :D

I didn't want to post the pineapple tarts because it's made with a mold (for time saving purposes during workshop) hence it's not truly my work. BUT THE TARTS ARE AMAZING TOO RIGHT!!

The Kueh Lapis was made by me and I did a couple so I just put everything on a plate hahaha.

So yep! These were the #craftoftheday posts that I have for those two weeks! The rest were AiClay's Pocket Kitchen tutorial, which can be seen in the review of AiClay's Pocket Kitchen kit

If you haven't read the post, you really won't understand how awesome the kit is. Really. 

Go read it.

Anyway, to address the (LAST) in the title of this post.....

Yes, this will be the end to the resolution of posting a completed craft piece every day for #craftoftheday.

I know new year's resolution usually doesn't last very long for a lot of people, but I was determined to keep it as long as possible! However, I'm gonna have to stop this now because I want to make videos, and it will take me quite awhile to dabble on it and explore that area! 

I'm glad I at least did it every day for more than a month ahahhaahha.

I've always wanted to try making videos, tutorials, just to keep track of what I've done and keep a record, but I will not be able to do it if I keep trying to create something to post every day. And honestly I don't really get much experience out of it! (My photoshop skills have improved drastically though- even if it's just adjusting the brightness hahaha)

I do hope I'll still be able to update my instagram as many photos as possible, and maybe more work in progress shots! But yes, I do want to focus on making videos as of now! 

I will probably lessen the amount of custom orders I take in (even though it's not a lot now anyway...) but I do want to take time off and focus on making videos! I have quite a number of projects in mind, so I wanna make sure I can pull them off first! ^^

This #craftoftheday resolution journey really helped push me to create things and I'm really grateful for that. It was also giving me unnecessary stress but now I have more than 30 craft piece on my Instagram! One of the reason why I wanted to do this was to have more things I crafted as an album so I could see myself improve, and yes, I can definitely see lots of improvement especially right from the beginning! (Editing skills, too hahahaha)

I hope I can finish at least a video by next week...but it might take me more time! Next week is gonna be such a busy week for me haha.