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My name is Oo Xin Man and I'm the owner of Handxmade! 
Handxmade is a one (wo)man operation. 
Everything you see is done by me - the website, the photos and most importantly,

 the miniature products 

Through my medium of choice, polymer clay, I craft miniatures.

I make videos of how I sculpt and make miniatures, and it's all in my YOUTUBE CHANNEL
I now solely rely on my PATREON for my income, so if you like what I'm drop by! I still have a long long longggg way to go but I believe in good things comes to those who wait 😊 

This website is mainly a portfolio of my work and how I feel about them at that point of time,
though I sometimes write about other subjects, such as my pet lovebird and personal feelings towards certain issues. 
Nowadays, I do that more often on my DAYRE, so if you'd like to know more about me and see snippets of my work-in-progress products, that's the place to go!

I also post lots of photos on my INSTAGRAM, so if you are looking to see images of my work,
you can head there, or my FACEBOOK page.

Do visit my FAQ page if you have any questions - it will most probably be answered there! ;)
In the event that your questions are not adequately answered, you can send me a message via Instagram - I’m the most active over there.

Thank you for visiting!