P1050356 copy.jpg

Original painting for this free printable! I cleaned up the lettering on photoshop for the prints itself because I can't stand it hahaha. 

Here's the video of how I painted this piece, with horrendous sketches 🤣 

Please read before downloading:

The links contains downloads of prints by @handxmade, and is free for personal use ONLY. Do NOT distribute. Do print for yourself and enjoy the free card and print! ♥️ 

If you use the wallpaper or my sketch to paint one for yourself, let me know! Would love to feature your rendition of my artwork on my Instagram Story! 😊

Click HERE to download an A4 PDF file that includes:
1 Card
1 10cm x 13cm Print
1 7cm x 9cm Print
1 4cm x 5cm Print

Click HERE to download an A4 PDF file that includes:
2 Cards

Click HERE for a wallpaper for your phone.

Click HERE for the sketch, you can use it to paint your own Rudolph! 

Some notes that might be of help:
I always print my prints on A4 matte photo paper (170gsm) and this pdf is catered to my printer, hopefully it will work well on yours too! I usually set it as coloured, photo quality, and scale to 97% so that they won't cut off anything from the file (you might have to trim some whites off).