The dotting tools I got from ebay for making clay. I actually bought the tools before I bought the clay, weird right? But I wanted to make sure I have all the tools before I work on my clay. These dotting tools are usually for nail art, but they're really good to use for clay especially miniatures (after much research hahaha) so I got them. The problem is, even though they're really nice to hold, I really dislike the colour and pattern......... I mean sure some people might think they're beautiful but they're really not my style and I really don't like them and it's my personal opinion. So instead of making myself work with them when I start working on polymer clay (LOL) I decided to paint them.

I used Martha Stewart Satin paint which is really really beautiful. I wanted to use the air dry clay (also from Martha Stewart) that I worked on a little before I painted these but since they're air dry clay it was drying up and getting much harder to use and I don't want to waste new ones. So since I don't have many scrap clays, I use these small triangle plates instead as I have more than enough. 

It was also a good excuse for me to try out the paint hehhehe. Initially when I used it, I thought it was pretty thick which I liked. The direction of the brush strokes could be seen easily and I was afraid that they will show up really obvious and also destroy the texture so I was being careful and tried to make sure the coats were as even as possible but of course they can't be perfect. It was delightful to find out that after the paint dries, the brush strokes are really not very obvious unless you really look at it, and it also feels good to touch, smooth and matte (MATTE!!). Honestly my painting skills isn't that great so I thought it was amazing they kinda smooth out while drying. 

This is when they're not completely dried yet but dry enough to remove them from the small plates. You can see the brush strokes I talked about, but after about a day or two, for some reason they really smoothed themselves up! Love it. I probably will do another coat as there were some place not painted properly (need to buck up on my painting skills lol) when I'm not lazy enough to make a better holder for my tools and mixing some of the colours. 

I made all the colours similar to the initial one, except for yellow because I don't think I want a yellow in my collection..... I changed it to purple mixed with a little bit of white hurhur. They look so much better don't they?