I've been really busy recently, trying to start up handxmade. I think that I'll be more frequent on Instagram than on anywhere else, and I've already started posting things on instagram,@handxmade

I also started my own website. Initially I only wanted a proper email which And then I realised I will need to have a website that is in order to have that email with at the back. I went through so many articles and almost fried my brain trying to figure out how to do this. But I was lucky and managed to find 

It was truly frustrating that I need to have a website. But I also thought, hey, why not? So somehow, I was doing what a web designer would do. And it's thanks to my school that I have Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 for free (at least for now....) so I followed the instructions at 

I must say, it's literally the best website to go to if you've NEVER touched dreamweaver *points at self*. 

Some people go for courses for this but I just have to follow the instructions there and learn on the way and he made it REALLY easy. He also assumed that whoever is reading it is doing it for the first time and he did it so well, explaining EVERYTHING (not joking) and also pointing out the exact button I have to press etc and why. I was almost going crazy, since you have to WAIT and WAIT for things to get processed (when you purchase your domain name, and then the webhost, and then linking them together etc), but his really good and accurate instructions made the process much easier. 

If you want to learn how to create your own website and willing to spend some money for it (buying domain, getting a good webhost etc), go ahead and head on to
(Not a sponsored post or something, I'm not famous at all I don't even know who is going to read this LOL. But I'm sharing it just because it's so helpful and useful)

But be mindful that it's not  a one time payment thing (which I honestly would have preferred) but a monthly basis kind of thing. I guess they gotta earn the money right. It's not very expensive but the thought of paying something forever doesn't really feel that good (that's for everything, really. Hahaha.) 

I also managed to create a feedback form on my website thanks to too this guy is really amazing. It's not as easy as you would have thought, since you have to kind of link to another source (your email) but he created a wizard that does it for us. SO NICE. 

Anyway, after making my website and finally it being on the internet, I then go ahead and create my email which, surprise surprise, needed money too. I'm okay with investing in it, but I guess with all things, really quite scared of failure. I also thought that maybe I'm taking it too far and shouldn't have even invested it so early.. Sometimes I find myself saying "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE NOT VERY RICH YOU KNOW" to myself hahaha. But what's done is done and I've put in so much effort in it. Okay I digress.

I started creating templates for situations in my 'business' gmail. Maybe I'm over preparing and thinking too much, having too much expectations, but I was really happy when I was done with it. Of course, with the help of my boyfriend who has been supportive since day 1. He helped me checked the emails, whether did I have any grammer mistakes (LOL YES sigh my english), how to phrase something better etc. I'm really, really grateful for his help. :') 

And after I got some of those template done, I started my giveaway and already started using those templates. It's nice to have templates. TEMPLAAAAATES. Hehe. I also did google forms and am going to use it as an ordering form. Things are slowly falling into place ^^

Head on to my website at and say hi via the feedback form if you want hehe, and also my instagram, @handxmade. I have something in store and I will be having another giveaway as soon as I can.