One of my closer friend who purchased this from me had her birthday on the 3rd November. Now, it's almost the end of November, and I JUST handed her gift to her T.T 

That's why I can only post this now so this would be a surprise for her haha. She's one of the few people in my life who supports me and encourage me in every way, especially handxmade, and you don't know how much I appreciate it :')

Tons of onigiri in a glass globe! 

It took almost A MONTH for these globes to ship to Singapore -.- and by the time it reached here her birthday was already 2 weeks ago.......... #planningfail. :( 

I remember making an onigiri amigurumi with crochet during our schooling days in Polytechnic, too. For some reason I always make onigiri for her, but never the edible ones LOL.

These onigiris can't really stand...they're super rounded at the sides haha. I think there could be improvement, but I don't know how..... hmmmm. I do quite like the look of it though :D

Ok let me rage a little. So I edited these photos (and also the photos in my past few blog post) on my phone. They looked pretty decent there. But when I uploaded it here they look so....dull. :( 
Maybe I really should do proper editing on photoshop instead.....butimsolazytsk.

Anyway, here's a photo of how it'd look like when worn!

Not a very selfie person, and I have absolutely no experience whatsoever in holding the camera and taking a selfie...I even feel awkward taking a photo of this and I'm the only person at home LOL.

Here's one with buibui disturbing me haha. I swear I can't get things done without him trying to destroy whatever I'm doing. -.- buibui ah I don't wanna lock you in your cage but if you're gonna keep doing that you HAVE to go in the cage ok stupid bird.


Alright! I have a couple more orders to work with, and I have a plan for quite a big project. It'd be the biggest project so far and I'm SOOOOOOO EXCITEDEDBSKJAFGFJHBFSEFSDG!!! I'm looking forward to next week and I hope I'll be supaaaaa productive hehe.