Now before you get confused with the title, let me explain what I mean by "first".

Handxmade just started less than a year, and honestly, I haven't really do much. I still learn something new every time I start to clay, and usually it's a crucial thing that I probably should have known right in the yes I'm still a beginner imo.

Despite that, friends are ordering from me, and giving me support. 

However, recently I got an order from someone who I've never met in my whole life ordering from me.


I actually didn't know that someone submitted the form because somehow google form didn't send me an email notification, but an email asking me to SWITCH ON the notification. Which I think was sent to me BECAUSE there was a submission and they're asking me to switch it on??? I don't know D: I only went to check because my friend ordered from me and she told me she submitted the form, and of course I didn't receive any notification..........

Worse part was, there was a dateline and I wasted one week BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW THERE WAS A FORM SUBMISSION T.T 

I managed to finish it about a week before the deadline though HAHA. It was a lesson learnt nonetheless. CHECK WHENEVER THERE'S AN EMAIL FROM GOOGLE LOL.

Anyway, after passing her the figurines, there were more people who wanted to order from me, and they were all strangers :') I'm so grateful that she likes it and shared it on social media. Just one post from Instagram/Dayre and I received more followers and orders. Thank you so much Zhiqing!! 

Now on to the figurines! 

I think I improved a lot compared to the past figurines whenever I look at them. Quite proud and happy about them! Lots to improve on especially the face but I'm pretty satisfied as of now. I think this is the feeling I should get whenever I make something. IMPROVEMENT, CHECKED. SATISFACTORY, CHECKED.

Comparison with my palm!

Another thing that I should improve on is probably my photography skills HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sigh.

I am going to show the photos that were send to me as reference. Now, these are personal photos (.... ok not exactly but) so I mosaicked the face for privacy purpose. The following photos without watermarks are not mine.   

Psst, she's actually a Mediacorp actress and she has a twin! ;)

I think this last one is my favourite! I think the dress was quite spot on hehehe. (selfpraise sia stahp)

A comparison from the very first figurine I made. They're a tad bit smaller and much more proportionate, which is always a good thing. 

Alright, that's it for this order! I'll update the next order when the recipients receives their items :) I try not to post anything up when the dateline isn't up yet..just in case they see it. So there'll definitely be more updates to come!