The next custom order that was ordered from me for a Christmas present is this:

Customer's girlfriend holding her clarinet! She wore the dress and leather jacket on the figurine during one of her performances too! ^^


The WIP photo I uploaded on instagram! I thought I wouldn't be able to make it properly but it turned out better than expected. I think I expected it to have a lot more missing keys hahaha. The clarinet have 24 keys in total, and the clay clarinet was only 2.2cm LOLOL. 

I personally play this instrument myself during my secondary school years and throughout polytechnic. I only stopped recently because I couldn't find time and commitment to practice and I know I have no rights to play if I don't practice, so I left the alumni band :( 

I still miss it sometimes, but I want to focus on handxmade for a few years at least, and not let myself find excuses because of any distraction/other commitments.

Hopefully....I can play the clarinet sometime in the near future again. :)

I really put in a lot of effort in this haha even got reed :') 

You can see how the lines and shape are not very straight though.. One day I wanna make an improved version. Definitely will have to be bigger than 2.2cm.... Hahaha.

Customer wanted a wood floor-like base, so I tried my best to paint it accordingly. Think it went quite well. 

I painted the side and bottom black because in my mind it was literally a block taken off the ground and those are kinda like shadows. If you know what I mean haha. 

I really feel that making this as a sit-on-shelf figurine is much better than a keychain. And I love how this has a focus (the clarinet) and it kinda captures part of her life in one little figurine. It really warms my heart. This is what I want to do- to sculpt something that is important to someone and keep it there forever. 

Here are the reference photos I was given! ^^

Here's a comparison of the figurine with my hand. 

I hope I will have more opportunity to make more music instruments in the near future hehe.