Last order of 2015, and my best work so far. I finally got the proportions right in my opinion. T.T 

However, the number of ups and downs during the process of this order made me did a drastic change on my terms and conditions. 

Sometimes you just have to save yourself. 

I also made an FAQ page! :D Now I can just bring people to this page when the answers to their questions are there. :)

I really like her boobs XD I think I'm finally heading the right path of shaping the figurines. Bigger eyes was requested for her, hence her head seems a bit bigger when in fact their the same size. Her hair also contributed to the factor. 

She's holding on to a pair of shoes because according to my customer, she really likes her wedding shoes and it says a lot about her so there she goes. 

There's glitter on the shoes too because the original has small gems on them. Because the shoe is so small, glitter was my best choice. The glitters are much more obvious in real life! Bling blingz.

I also really LOVE the hair that I made here, especially the highlights. Proud to say that I'm really improving after each order. ^^

The mole is my favourite part on this figurine haha. It really made this figurine much more personal in my opinion. The proportion for this figurine is the best out of the bunch. Eyes, hair, body etc. My eyebrows improved too hehehe. 

There's no reference photos because customer requested not to have the reference photos posted online! I added a question regarding this on the custom order form too, so people can choose whether they allow me to post the reference photos online or not. This way I will be able to know their decision right in the beginning. :)

Here's a work-in-progress photo, headless, handless and before all the fluff on the bridge's dress. You can see the boobies here hehehehehe. 

Here's the first wedding gift from about six months ago. This was my first attempt, and after making a few figurines, the second attempt of a wedding gift is so much different than the first one- in a good way.  

Last photo of with my hand as comparison. :)

Now you know where to get the perfect gift for friends who are getting married. ;)