First of all, happy new year everyone! :)

I hope 2015 was as exciting to everyone as it was to me- since I started handxmade and was stressed like hell, mostly issues regarding $$$ OTL

Anyway, recently I've been posting much more on my Dayre, so there will be less personal things on this blog, and there will only be updates about my creations here instead. 

Do head to to see more WIP, and read about my musings, rants (lol) and daily life as an amateur miniature sculptor. :) There's also a lot of updates of my bird, buibui, over there too XD

For my 2016 resolution, I've made a point to upload a completed craft piece (if possible) each day. #craftoftheday ;) I hope that this will keep helping me improve and keep me inspired. ABSOLUTELY NO SLACKING THIS YEAR!!! 

I will update #craftoftheday photos and thoughts about each craft piece here weekly every sunday, excluding custom orders since I'll be posting more in depth photos of it in individual post. So the amount of creations in #craftoftheday posts on handxmade might vary. Hence, I think instagram might be a better place to follow if you want to see each #craftoftheday craft piece in order!

I've already started since two days ago, so if you want quick updates, do head to my instagram

Now to get to the point (finally xm tsk). Here's a custom order!

This order was really fun to make, because of the hair and shirt XD MUSHROOM HEAD!! 

The figurine is actually portraying an actress in one of her characters, and she's located in Singapore. Here's the reference photo!

Photo 28-12-15, 4 17 51 PM.jpg

So adorable haha. I couldn't really make her hand go over her head because the hair and head on the figurine is too big LOL. I think it's quite impossible to make hands go over the head in my figurines because it would look not proportionate in my opinion.

I made the body bigger than usual here because in the show, she acted as someone who is chubby so she actually stuffed her clothes with things! It's really my first time doing this haha. I like her boobies and booty here ;)

A close up of the shirt! One of the things I really love to do is to imitate the clothes, and this was a joy to make ^^

This customer ordered three figurines, so I'll be uploading the respective posts when I upload them for #craftoftheday! :)