My first craft of the day post! I'm so excited to start on this, and I hope I will able to continue this for a very, very long time. 

I've always loved the water colour effect, but I've never tried it before. Not even on paper. I don't know what came to me, but I decided to do the water colour effect on polymer clay! I guess what I imagined was much fancier than what I can currently do...

Anyway, yes, I started the watercolour series, and my first few #craftoftheday both are used with watercolour!

This is the first ever #craftoftheday and I decided to make a penguin haha, since there's only one colour XD but I guess it didn't go as well as I thought it would cause it's my first time handling watercolour. Apparently it takes awhile getting used to even on paper, so I'm not expecting much from the first few creation.

The next #craftoftheday was my lovebird, Buibui! I wanted to do it because buibui has got really pretty feathers and I thought the blending of the watercolour would be nice. 

By then, I had consulted Uncle G(oogle) for more information on watercolour, and I started to have better control with the medium. BUT. Watercolour paper kinda absorbs the water, while on clay it just kinda dries up hahahaha so it was quite tough to handle.

I made clay Buibui rounder because I wanted to portray the fluff that Buibui has hahaa. 

The tail colours are quite accurate if I may say so myself hahaa. Buibui's tail has a red spot near the end! 

You can see it here hehe. 

Btw it took me quite awhile to get this shot, since Buibui was attacking clay Buibui and I was moving all over the place hahaa. Glad I managed to take this photo *phew* 

I love this so much that I decided to wear it out and flaunt it whooop! 

I actually broke one of these glass globes thanks to Buibui -.- sigh. But I'm keeping the current one out of Buibui's reach hahaha. 

The necklace is actually one of my existing one because I don't have good quality leather strings for necklaces...I do want to make some of my charms into accessories in the future so maybe I should invest in some...hmm.

Alright, that's all for this week's #craftoftheday! Can't wait for the next few hehe. My goal is to be able to post something up even when I'm resting, so at least 10 photos in advance! Will be working on it hehe ^^