Somehow, I've been getting more Spexial orders from customers and it's quite interesting! Hahaha. 

His hair was pretty interesting but I think I managed to duplicate it quite well! Some hairs are really difficult to make, especially for guys. But this was pretty okay! :) 

His eyebrows is quite thick and straight though, but it's features like this that makes each figurine special. :D

The same customer also ordered another Spexial figurine of someone else for her friend! If you're a Spexial friend...can you guess who this is? XD

Did you get it right? Hehehe. 

I took this as a comparison to see how much I've improved. I like to do this from time to time, to ensure myself that I'm heading the right direction. I've really improve a lot since a few months back, and I'm so glad to have all these wonderful people purchasing from me and trust me in what I do! :')  Thank you <3