Firstly.....I gotta find a better title for my blog post about my figurines man hahaha. I am so terrible at this. 

But I guess it's pretty accurate, since it's actually the first time I tried out this!

I actually got the moss at the back specifically as a prop! You can read about it on my Dayre post here ;) 

Truthfully....they're not really doing very well HAHAHAA. I am absolutely terrible with plants, even moss.........

I even managed to grow fungus at one point, so I guess I still managed to grow something....right now they're back to being dried out because I kept forgetting to water it *opps*

Anyway, they're still useable as props and didn't actually die (I don't think they can) so it's all good HAHAHA *shifty eyes*

This is the reason why this blog post is named this way - the footprints that I embedded with the figurine's feet! Hehe. 

Reference photos! (Thank you for letting me post the photos! They're also really beautiful hehe)

As you can see from the 2nd reference photo, there were footprints behind them. and I thought it was really nice! So I tried to recapture that image on my figurines too hehe. It was really cute that they were barefooted too!

I also really love how her hair looks like, the colour, and the wavy look. So I tried to replicate it with my figurines!

The name plate for this order is matte instead of gloss finish, and I think it suits the whole look - the black would have been too dark for the whole thing! 

A comparison with my hand and a few more photos hehe.

This order was a smooth one, and truthfully people like her who trust me completely with my work is rare to come by, so I must really appreciate when they do! <3