I finally built this miniature room kit that I’ve had with me for YEARS, and after building it, realised that I should have purchased nicer kits 🤣

P1180153 copy.jpg

Nonetheless, I tried change the wallpaper in an attempt to make it look just a bit better, and I think it worked!

Here’s the wallpaper and rug I used for my room kit in the video, enjoy!

Please read before downloading:

The links contains downloads of prints by @handxmade, and is free for personal use ONLY. Do NOT distribute. Do print for yourself and enjoy the free print! ♥️ 

Some notes that might be of help:
I printed this on A4 matte photo paper (170gsm) and this pdf is catered to my printer, hopefully it will work well on yours too! Set it as coloured, photo quality, and scale to 100%. Trim the sides off accordingly and you’re done!

Click on the photo below to download the high quality PDF file of your choice

Hope you’ll like this wallpaper as much as I do! 🥰