HELLO! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

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This Tsuki’s treehouse is definitely the most complex and intense personal project I’ve ever done for myself. There’s lights, glow-in-the-dark windows, and Tsuki is magnetised and can be placed on the bed, rustic bathtub, and the two futons! 😱😍💖

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And I still can’t believe it all started with an empty pringles can! :’)

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As promised, I compiled my notes into one A4 sized paper so you can use the paper templates to make your very own furnitures for Tsuki! I’ve also included the dimension I used for this treehouse, so I hope it will help you. The paper template is meant to be used concurrently with the video, and watching the video will definitely help to give you a much better idea how one thing is made!

Please read before downloading:

The link below contains a paper template by @handxmade, and is free for personal use ONLY. Do NOT distribute. If you’d like to show your thanks for this free template, maybe consider being my patron or sending me a ko-fi - it will definitely make my day and help me with my expenses for my future craft endeavour! ♥️

Some notes that might be of help:
I printed this on a regular printing paper as you won’t need it at a high quality settings. You can print it coloured or black&white, you’ll still be able to see the cutting borders. I scaled it to 86%, but each printer might differ - just make sure that the yellow colour paper templates are at 0.5cm per square (graph paper) and you’ll be good!

Click on the photo below to download the high quality PDF file 😊

Even if you don’t make a treehouse, some of the furnitures are simple enough so I do hope this paper template will help you! 🥰Enjoy 😘✨