These macaron are my first attempt to food. I used airdry clay, this time resin clay. And....I think I'll still stick to polymer clay.

I had no idea that airdry clay had this thing called resin clay and they dry hard, just like polymer clay. I also found out that you can also make your own airdry clay, which is called cold porcelain clay, and they also dry hard. I've only used martha stewart airdry clay which is paper clay, and they dry soft (sponge-like) which I didn't like (and now I have tons of them left LOL, they're good for paper collage and the likes I guess but for now they're gonna be in my not-gonna-use-for-almost-ever storage box..)

But even after trying both cold porcelain clay and resin clay, I am pretty sure that I will stick to polymer clay when I do intricate work. 

I actually bought a couple of things to make cold porcelain clay though, because they're definitely cheaper than polymer clay.. I guess I can still use them when I'm making plates etc (which I'm definitely going to make when I'm trying out food...ONE DAY FOR SURE) 

I think I might have spent more time on this than expected because of the fact that I was using air-dry clay, because they, well, dries pretty quickly. And I'm really quite anal-retentive. I think I was only satisfied after the 4th version of the macaron? LOL. Good thing is I somehow always find a better way to do it and it looks better than before. But after looking at it I think I shouldn't have use a layer of paint (which I did for this) but instead a layer of air dry liquid clay of some sort as the paint leaks out.. I couldn't use a layer of airdry clay since it'd be too thick. OH WELL I LEARNT SMTH ELSE LOL.

I had a post regarding the bag in the photo above: and I think I didn't mention that it was for a friend. Well, yes it's for a friend's birthday. 

I put the macarons in a paper box that I made with a semi-hard paper meant for making cards (like birthday cards). I thought the papers were really pretty so I bought them on impulse, never thought I'd be using it for something like this HAHA. It wasn't as firm as I hope it'd be but it did the job. 

It just so happens that she likes Coke too, and I saw a miniature of it online while surfing for some miniature gear so I thought of getting it for her too (hoping it fits the bag)

AND THEY BOTH FIT INTO THE BAG PERFECTLY. WOW. I really did not expect that and was pleasantly surprised. I didn't really thought about what if it doesn't fit though. LOL. I just know I needed to make the macarons as small as I could and I wanted it to be 3 x 3. I think it was just pure luck but it's such a..miracle lol. 

I also made a really tiny card and fit it in the macaron box. 

It was quite a long project and I'm glad I decided to do this for her. I wanted to gave her an ang pao (which is basically money) because I know that this isn't something she needs/wants/expected?? But she rejected it and said it was the thought that counts. :') 

She really made my day, even though it was her birthday. <3