This week was pretty hectic for me as I have freelance video operator events to work for. Waking up 5am for three days consecutively and not eating much for the first two days really take a toll on me. 

However, since I started my resolution, I wanted to make sure I post something up everyday and I'm glad I was able to do that even when I wasn't crafting! 

I know I said that I'll be posting a blog post for #craftoftheday every sunday, but I went out to Cat Safari on that day! You can head to my Dayre Post to read more :D

There were 4 custom orders for #craftoftheday this week, so here's the other craft pieces!  

I wanted to make a no face (Kaonashi) for quite some time and I finally did it thanks to my resolution hehe. This was really tiny, and the face details were quite tough to paint! The watercolour effect could be seen much better here!

I started painting quick watercolour background to go with my random craft piece, because I was quite sick of the dull, white background HAHAHA. 

It looks very kiddy, no shadows and it's just not very well done, but I think it tells a better story for each craft piece! This still takes time though, but I enjoyed making it hehe.  

The next craft piece is these TOTOROS! I've actually crocheted these for my teacher when I was still dabbling in the craft side.  

This is the blog post for it: http://doubleoxm.blogspot.sg/2013/10/totoros.html.

This is my old blog though, and I'm keeping it for things like this haha. You can also see the crochet patterns I made under the crochet tab. Hahaha. The photo looks terrible what was I thinking hahahahahaha.

I STILL haven't watch the Totoro movie NOW and I'm making clay versions of it HAHAHA.

These were from a pattern online, and honestly I think I was very ambitious even in the past. I stopped crocheting because I refused to keep using other people's pattern and made some patterns of my own. But it took a lot of time to create the patterns and crochet itself is a very time consuming thing to do! 

After I realised that polymer clay exist, I've stopped crocheting/knitting altogether. #guilty. I have so many knitting needles and crochet hooks and they're just sitting there untouched...

I digress! 

Now that I think about it, I should have made the grey Totoro at least two times bigger than the current size haha.

The next craft piece is Whisper from the 3DS game, Yokai Watch! This game is one of the best RPG games I've ever played, and I actually finished the main story of the game without realising I'm going so fast! 

The side quests are actually really interesting and best thing is they're not overwhelming like some other RPGs. The graphics are terrific, and I love how it's so well planned! There's even toilets and stuff in supermarts XD

If you have a 3DS you really have to check Yokai Watch out!!! IT'S SO UNDERRATED TSK.

For this craft piece, I tried to imitate the shadows since Whisper is white in colour. The mouth, eyes, everything is watercoloured...I think it doesn't look as nice. Maybe I'll only make watercolour series for things that has colours on their body, and make the eyes etc acrylic paint like usual. hmmmmm.

Alright, that's all for #craftoftheday. I need to buck up and make more crafts!! Used up a lot of them during the past few days when I didn't craft and was working and resting.. :| More to come soon! :D