Hahaha yes. He's so supportive of me that he even ordered from me and I truly appreciate it. Of course I gave him a discount, which he type in himself on the discount code: "BOYFRIEND" hahahahaa. 

Here are the reference photo for this project! (All reference photos are from Uncle Google)

This is the scene that he wanted me to replicate!

More reference photos that I grabbed from google myself. 

I've only watched Star Wars Episode 7 which was released recently with ET, and I absolutely loved it!! Maybe I'll watch the previous episode soon haha. The summary ET gave me was enough for me to make sense of the movie though. AND YES. WHO DOESN'T LIKE BB8. HUH HUH. SUCH A DARLING. 

Darth Vader was hard to make in my opinion because of the mask haha. I had to make the legs standing apart unlike the usual standing straight legs because they were in a duel and all. I love the cape a lot! And the glossy helmet haha. The gloss is very apt for this character XD

In my opinion I think Luke was tougher because of the face! And he doesn't have a cape so the legs will be super obvious.

The back drop I painted with watercolour! I like this a lot hehe. 

Here's the completed item with the backdrop! I love it as it really does feel like it's telling a story. ET didn't order the watercolour backdrop though I did it myself just for the sake of it haha.

More photoooooos :D

Here's a comparison with my hand. It's really not very big! ET wanted it to be a decoration piece since he doesn't use keychains. But I think for this sort of stuff, being a decoration piece would be much better, as it definitely will last forever!