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When L requested a nautical themed figurine, I was genuinely confused, and had no idea what she meant and wanted... Plus when I thought about nautical theme, the first colour I thought of was blue, and I didn't think it would have fit well with the colour they were wearing!

We eventually decided on a seashell base - which I've never done before! 

A work in progress for the seashell! 

The pebbles also also a last minute decision. I thought having the imprint directly on the seashell would be too weird, and it would also be too empty! Hence I thought about what I can find on the seashore, and thought about pebbles!

L was very cool with everything, and she puts her trust in me (thank you so much), so when I did the pebbles and showed it to her, she loved it (thank goodness). She said they also collects pebbles together, and that to me also adds a little bit more meaning to the figurines! PERFECTO.

I kinda like the props I used for these figurines! Kinda like a celebration for coming home safely maybe? 😆 

The navy uniform was a joy to make, it's always nice to see how everything comes together! After I painted the crest on, it totally looks legit, AM I RIGHT?? HAHHAA. 

Granted, my painting skills isn't that good, but it was the best I could do. THESE WERE TINY. 

Same goes for this! I had to make sure that this was only at one side and not both!

I also painted on the buttons! You can see it better on this photo. When it's gold, it's better for it to be paint than polymer clay, since the gold polymer clay I have somehow is always duller. 


The real navy uniform requires white shoes....not black. >.< 

I didn't have a reference photo of the shoes, and L and I just assumed it was black colour without checking! It just felt like it would be black shoes.... She only realised it when I was glazing, and by then it was too late! *sigh*

I told her I can paint it white if she wants. But because it's already on the base, the paint might get on the base and just wouldn't be as nice 😟 

In the end, L said it was alright and she didn't mind having it black. BUT THIS WILL PROBABLY COME AND HAUNT ME CONTINUOUSLY.... I guess at least I learnt something from this experience.

I also painted on the stars on the female shirt! Whew that was quite tedious hahaha. (plus not like I did a really good job either...........)

Last photo to end this post! Full shot with the celebratory props hehe. (money well spent 😆)