A retirement gift for Beiersdorf AG’s senior management member, Dr Schmidt! 

Some parts of the photos are mosaicked due to copyright and trademarks issues, which is a shame because they're image transfers (that I rarely work with) and they're such a beauty. But I still would like to show everyone the overall product! 

I've always wanted to make my figurines and framed it up, and am so glad that this project helped me to achieve it so quickly! Well my idea was a bit different, more like miniature furniture, but this is still a really good idea, especially for figurines! :D

If you've been following me on my Dayre, you will know that I'm also working as a Part Time Assistant for Jocelyn from AiClay. She was the one who handover this project to me because they requested a figurine and she thought of me :')

I had so much fun with this project, even though it was something really new to me! It was my first time putting a figurine in a frame, and I had to:

  1. Create the mock up to ensure that both my client and I know what she wants, and that to make sure there is no miscommunication.

  2. Create the backdrop from scratch with photoshop.

  3. Making sure the backdrop FITS the frame!

  4. Making the items with image transfer on polymer clay to ensure the near perfect picture (lots of preparation and test & trial, I had to make sure they were the correct size with inverted image etc)

  5. Make the wooden frame from scratch (this part was really enjoyable!! I love handling wood)

  6. Making sure the figurine can fit into the depth of the frame, which was only 1.5cm! It's really hard to find a frame with a deep depth, and so glad it worked out.

There was tons of mock up and the last one which was the 8th version, was the perfect one! :D I really didn't mind doing all the mock ups to ensure that my client gets exactly what she wants, as long as it's before I started the work. 

Here you can see the gorgeous and even glow from the glossy eyes 😀  I used Padico's UV resin and it's the first time I'm using UV resin! I absolutely love it. 😍  Normal resin needs more than 12 hours to cure, but with UV light, the UV resin will be cured in less than 15min! Also, I could adjust the resin as much as I want without fearing it would dry up halfway hahaa.

A #WIP of Dr. Ulrich, without the hair! Many of my figurines looks funny without hair, but this one still looks pretty good! 😌  Everything is made with 100% polymer clay, even the eyes!

I am really proud of this and it's my best work so far! 

To be honest, all my work at that point of time is always my best work so far, but I think that's good. It's good because it shows that I'm always improving, and that is always a good sign that I'm heading towards the right direction. 😊

Thank you Jocelyn for giving me the chance to do this, and Eileen for liaising with me and being very clear about what you want!