On January 2016, I went to Cat Safari with Ariane. (Read all about it on my Dayre!)

Cat Safari is a place where cat lovers gather, and have a therapeutic session with the cats for a low cost of $5 for about an hour! The admission fee which is essentially the fee for the socks is kind of like a donation for the cats' medical treatments, as the cats are mostly taken in from cat farms (which is usually in REALLY bad condition) or strays!

They only opens to the public during the weekends, and during the weekdays, they bring the cats to old folks home/autistic kids school for a therapy session. (Which works!)

I was really touched by the owners' ambition to save as much cats as they can, and also at the same time helping humans to destress! ^^ The medical treatments for pets especially in Singapore doesn't come cheap, and to be honest I don't know how they're doing it.

Since I was really moved, I decided to contact them and donate a piece of clay figurine of one of their cats to them, so they can sell it and hopefully it will help sustain part of the cat's medical treatment!

The whole thing actually got delayed (FOUR MONTHS OMG T.T) because I had a lot of (pleasantly surprised) unexpected custom orders! I feel really bad, and they probably thought I'm all talk no action.......but a promise is a promise (even though I had to put my customers first ><)

Here's the reference photo! 

The photo is a bit yellowish in colour, so everything looks a bit more saturated than usual. But rest assure the wall and compartment colour is the same ;)

This adorable little kitten is call Merger (pronounced Burger with a "m") and he's actually a defected Munchkin. Apparently the species Munchkin itself is a defect, made because humans think it's cute lol. And when you get failed ones like Merger, who has really short front legs and much longer hind legs, breeder throws it and nobody wants it. (Sigh, humans.)

Look at that big, gorgeous eyes!! The leg you see here is his hind legs, and they actually CAN'T BE BENT. Because Merger is still a kitten, they can try to "push" his bones the correct way, which is really painful for Merger, but is a necessary evil :( According to Kahyong and Derrick (the owners), he can bend them now and is able to jump a little! Soooo glad it worked out.

Most of the cats in Cat Safari has their own story, and I wanted to create a figurine for each of them and tell their story! But because of time constrains and me being broke....this idea will have to be pushed back :( 

I do hope I will be able to do it one day, in the near future.