Few days back, I received my craft closet!

Basically, it's a closet, but opens up to a craft storage with a table that can be extended! 

I love it sooooo much and it has definitely made my crafting much more efficient. Now everything has its own place, and keeping everything after a crafting session has never been easier!

Here's a before and after shot ;)

I also wrote a much detailed post about the process of moving everything from my messy table and the area around it (heh) to the craft closet on my Dayre! :D

It took me a grand total of 5 hours, which to be honest, was less than I expected HAHAHA. I thought it would take me at least two days! 

I had so much fun moving my stuff and figuring out where should a certain item's house be at :>

I also love how the things I always need to reach out to are near me, like my clay storage on my left, paints on top, Pocket Roller from Pocket Kitchen kit on my right etc! Ahhhhh such convenience.

The table too, is more of like extension? I love how I can fit my lightbox inside (and the closet can be closed with the lightbox open like this!) and when I do need space, just push it in and tadah! More space to do things like using the cutting mat :D

This doesn't come cheap, but it's a good investment which I can keep for a very very long time. Hell, a piece of SOFA is even more expensive and you only sit on it! Hahaha. Even after almost a week, I'm still so happy when I look at it (and this doesn't happen to me, EVER

Anyway, this really marks a milestone for me, the FIRST furniture I've ever wanted and got for myself, and the BIGGEST and most EXPENSIVE thing I've spend on smth craft related! :D