I really thank my lucky stars to let me meet Zhiqing, a return customer. This is actually the THIRD time she ordered from me! (Read the first and second one here and here respectively)

She was even my first official customer :') In this case "official" meaning she wasn't my friend and was a stranger hahaha.

Even after the price change, she still ordered from me, and to me that really shows how supportive she is and how much she believe in my works. ♥

In a sense, she watched me grow, and actually received figurines from me with different styles! (I painted the eyes on in the past x.x) 

Feel so much better with my current style tho, and I think she will love it too! Hehe. Face and hair is sooooo important for a figurine to look nice :|

Here's the reference photos I got from Zhiqing! She also sent me an image of the shirt print, and I edited it so it's the right size (in photo). Sadly, the image transfer didn't work out too well because it was TOO SMALL T.T 

But Zhiqing was so sweet, she was like "as long as it looks similar, got "the feel"" hahahaha! 

It was really fun working with blue eyes too! Totally gorgeous omg.

I really love how the hair turned out too, especially from these angle hehe. 

I actually asked Zhiqing if she knew what colour Jourdan likes, because I wanted to use my colourful baby breathes as props for her figurine! She actually said is was orange, and I was elated  because it's really rare that someone likes that colour, and I can actually use my orange baby breathes! What a good opportunity hehehe. 

It fits really well too because of her jacket too hurhur, am I right?!?

WIP! Bald figurines still intrigues me, even now XD I really love how her eyes turned out!

The must-have shots for all my figurines, front, sides, and back hehe. This time I even included from the top! You can see the hole I made for the keychain loop. 

One thing good about making keychains is definitely the fact that I can take photos of individual figurines like this! 

Here's a size comparison with my hand! (I once got "scolded" by one of my customer though, saying my hand is too small and it isn't a good gauge LUL, so try to imagine it a little bit smaller, maybe????? HAHAHA)

Thank you Zhiqing for your support :') I really appreciate it!